Sunday greetings, dear Aquarians — we are happy to see you! Today’s daily horoscope for Aquarius is ready and Astrologer Megan Wilson has the latest scoop on your day ahead. Let’s see what’s up.

What to expect

Today let bygones be bygones, Aquarius. No matter how things ended the last time with a certain person, it’s time to patch up your differences. You’ve been thinking of a person a lot lately and honestly, you don’t really care who was wrong, you just want to see him/her again and smile. The stars say it’s a great time for reconciliation so go ahead and reach out today Aquarius.

Who knows? The individual may have been thinking about you too and when you get back in touch, it could just be the beginning.

Wear rose pink today to attract luck, love, and just to have that happy feeling Aquarius. Communication is a two-way street today and you’re satisfied that others are seeing your point of view too. The planetary energies make all kinds of things possible at work and on the domestic front. If things seemed too touchy before, they’ll be more than easy to address now. Be open to hearing, but actually listening to what the other person has to say.

In the past, rushed decisions proved to be wrong for you Aquarius so lately, you’ve been extra careful to analyze and over analyze your choices.

Kudos to you for being more careful but, today, don’t be as critical of yourself and as distrusting of everything around you. The stars say hesitation may cause you to miss out on an important opportunity tonight. Do you have the rising sign in Libra? Don’t test someone else’s patience tonight because they won’t have much.

Don’t fret over minor hindrances Aquarius, just take the day as it comes because it promises to be a good day.

You may come face to face with some disruptions at work, but the stars advise you keep your energy levels high and don't let them bog you down. It’s a good time to find love, maybe through some social gathering or event.

How to get through your day

You're human like everyone else Aquarius and today, you’ll learn a lot from a personal experience when you’re confronted with one of the aspects of your personality that you didn’t even know existed.

You might have to control your temper or deal with feelings of jealousy. Losing control in any way is upsetting and when this happens, it comes as an electrifying shock because you're normally able to maintain your cool. Don't feel too bad because these things happen. Just learn to keep a handle on your temper in the future.

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