Donald Trump has divided Americans yet again. This time the controversy surrounds the Neo Nazi rally that took place Saturday in Charlottesville, Va. CNN commentators Ana Navarro, and Van Jones believe the President should have specifically condemned White Supremacists and Neo Nazi's.

The President wimps out

Jones and Navarro insist that the President did a great disservice by denouncing hatred and violence on all sides, but not Supremacists, Neo Nazis, and KKK members who organized the rally. They believe Donald Trump should show himself to be a leader for all Americans, by distancing himself from the hate groups that have become bolder now that he is in the oval office.

Ana Navarro was passionate about her disappointment in Donald Trump for wimping out regarding hate groups. Both she and Van Jones pointed out that the President refused to speak against former KKK member David Duke who said the Charlottesville rally was fulfilling Trump's campaign promises. And shortly after Duke went on camera boldly taking a stand for racism, someone drove a vehicle into a crowd. Over 2 dozen people were hurt, and sadly one woman was killed.

Donald Trump and David Duke

Had Donald Trump stood firm and stated that he did not desire David Duke to endorse him, Duke more than likely would not have made his statement today at the rally. And perhaps the person driving that car would not have felt bold enough to plow into a crowd.

The silence of the president on so many hate crimes since he went into the oval office, and his not being direct in speaking out against hate and anti-Semitism is shocking many Americans.

The brash attitude of the former Imperial wizard of the KKK is unbelievable. If the POTUS is truly against what David Duke stands for, and he is not supporting white supremacists he needs to say it loud and clear.

Shame on Donald Trump for not standing up for all Americans which is what he was hired to do. Terry McAuliffe the governor of Virgina boldly looked into the camera and said that supremacist, Neo Nazis, and the Klan were not welcome in his state.

President Trump needs to say the hate-mongers are not welcome in his America. The fact that he has not speaks volumes and lets U.S.

citizens know that he is not for all the people in this nation. If he does not condemn the white nationalists who organized the demonstration it will lead more Americans to wonder if he is a sympathizer, or possibly one of them. Jones and Navarro are correct because Donald Trump's first response was not the correct one.