As long as you have courage and make persistence a habit, you will become successful after tackling those repeatedly difficult challenges. When success doesn’t occur at the time you expect, just believe that it has been postponed for a much better day in the future. And if you really believe it, that’s what you’ll end up experiencing on a day which may greatly surprise you. There are countless real-life stories of success that started out as a failure – or even massive failures. Many successful people failed at one point or the other, before they finally keyed into permanent success.

After finally achieving success, all past failures will be looked upon as elements that postponed that success.

Your faith is the author and sustainer of your success

Often, the process of waiting – can be very difficult, whether it's for something little – like getting through a traffic jam, attracting a life partner, waiting on the line in the grocery store; or something big like test results from the doctor, etc. Sometimes the hardest thing to wait for in life is an expectation, or an answer to a prayer. Your life, and what you will become, relies so much on the faith you have in expecting positive outcomes after any failure. Yes, there are delays and challenges; yes there are seasons when it seems as if your mind power has traveled out of your body; yes, there are battles that seem to defy faith, expectations and prayers, but at the end – your faith will sustain you until you achieve success!

Your faith will be stronger if you can recall past successes

One thing that can really help if you're in that place of waiting, that place that seems “like forever”, is to take a few moments and reminisce about the times you had success. Remembering all the times that your expectations were fulfilled, can make you have firm belief that you still have what it takes to overthrow your delays and that failure – and succeed.

So take waiting periods as “blessings in disguise”.

During delays, don’t compare yourself with others: be patient

Never worry about your delay in succeeding as compared to others. The construction of wonderful buildings takes more time to finish than the construction of ordinary buildings. For a lot of successful people, delay causes expectations and success to arrive later than the time you desire it: delay is not denial, it’s only postponed success.

Do all you can – tarry and wait – for your desire will surely appear. Don’t try to run ahead of what your mind is capable of achieving if it remains positive through any failure. Success resides in delays, so face it: and though – waiting is not fun, life is full of waiting periods which we can use positively if we have the right frame of mind.

An example of a repeated failure that ended up becoming successful

The story of Abraham Lincoln is a clear example of success after repeated failures at the polls. Lincoln lost elections – eight times! He suffered losses in business, and even had a nervous breakdown which could have made him quit – but he didn’t! Rather than sit on the ground after his losses, he would carry himself up and move on with his dreams.

At the end, you can see that his past had no bearing on his future.

Many other people in Lincoln’s shoes would have given up, but he didn’t. The burning desire to achieve his political dreams, made him pick himself up each time he fell down. In fact he repeatedly acted like someone who felt his success was only being postponed. Somewhere inside of him, he knew that the only thing to do was to keep on marching on: so he got accustomed to viewing his setbacks as “little delays, and little failures”.

Finally, he became the 16th president of the USA after repeated failures and delays which lots of people wouldn’t have the power to recover from. Although he encountered a lot of challenges, he never gave up on his dreams.

You might never win a contest if you give up on your dreams and aspirations. You might never win a “big war” if the losses incurred during “small battles” – makes you give up completely! If you are the type of person who has failed over and over, please don’t ever give up. I understand how difficult it could be, but as long as you are alive – breathing – then don’t ever give up. Take failure as a part of building your faith, and working towards success.