Your thoughts control your life. Every thought that flows through your mind, will dictate how the events of your life turn out. We hear the saying all the time, healthy mind, healthy life, or at least we should. Have you ever heard of the placebo effect? Have you ever wondered why it has such a powerful effect on humans across the board? The answer is simple: the mind is powerful. The sooner we learn how to control our own minds, the sooner we will conquer our lives.

Most of us wake up every morning and allow our minds to default to autopilot mode.

We get out of bed, we brush our teeth, we cook breakfast, and we go on about our day. That's how the routine goes every morning, and it never changes. What if one change to your morning routine could empower your entire life? What if we decided to take control of our day before we even thought about what to wear? Everything you do has an effect on your mind, and everything in your mind has an effect on your life. Let's get down to the details of how to unleash the power of your mind.

The first rule of thumb is to be careful about what thoughts we accept. In order to be successful and conquer your mind, you must learn to be focused. The key is to be purposeful with your thoughts, think about the types of ideas that you want to see manifest in your life.

If you desire to be successful and rich, spend time thinking about promotions and job offers that will lead you towards a better life. Remember, one thought will not completely do the trick. Similar to the way that the placebo effect works, so does this, you must believe in it. Simply thinking about it is certainly a start, but actually believing in your thoughts is how you can give them power.

For this reason, you must get rid of bad thoughts (wild thoughts are okay, Rihanna is talking about something much different in her song). Toxic thoughts involve doubt and Negative Energy. Toxic thoughts include those about the past or insults you've heard. Those thoughts must go. Your focus controls what you attract. The more you focus on positive parts of your life, the more positive things will come your way, and therefore the more positive your life will be.

What will it take for you to unlock your mind's potential?

Our thoughts consist of both negative and positive realms. The system works much like the wolf story. There are two wolves, one is hope and the other is defeat, they fight, and every time they fight only one wins. Which wolf wins? The answer is simple, the wolf you feed. If you're nodding your head because you recognize that story, then you are already ahead of the game. If you want the hopeful wolf to win, then you have to feed it, feed it so much that the defeat wolf never stands a chance.

Spend time thinking more about health, prosperity, fortune, and happiness. Research has shown that your mind can improve your health. Fitness experts constantly attest to the strength of the mind.

Certain fitness specialists say 'abs are made in the kitchen, not in the gym,' and this phrase is also indicating that the decisions made throughout the day, and the dedication outside of our fitness level is what truly decides the outcome of our fitness journey.

The mind has its own fitness journey, and the more positive thoughts we feed it, the stronger it will become.

There is more to it than positive thinking

Back to the placebo effect, which involves a complex neurobiological reaction to a treatment received. According to an article by Harvard Helth Medical Shcool, placebo effects revolve around tricking the mind, and sometimes that is exactly what our mind needs. Our mind is constantly bombarded with negativity, from the news to social media, or from our friends to ads online.

We must filter these negative parts of our life out if we desire to see our lifestyle improve.

We can unleash the power of our mind by instilling our own placebo effect. For example, give yourself the treatment of healthy eating, meditation, exercise, reading, community service, and other positive actions. Take steps towards improving your life, and your mind will be tricked into attracting the best of life. When your mind is distracted by the conscious effort of improvement, then let your habitual thoughts dictate the positive outcomes of your life.

As nice as it would be for one day to have everlasting effects on our life, our mind just does not work that way. So, the best way to alter your mind is through a process, renew your mind daily.

Consciously weed out any negative thoughts and get rid of external sources of negative energy, and feel your life improve. You have complete control, and the next steps of your life are completely dependent on you and your mind. The power is in your hands (or in your brain, moreover), so feel free to unleash it whenever you are ready!