Democracy is a universal value. It can be inferred from the great commandment. No one should assume the place of God. The world is our neighborhood. Regardless of your theology, democracy is vastly better than dictatorship. Arpaio has been convicted for police abuse and this is the linchpin issue. trump pardoning Arpaio would make him a tinpot dictator. It would be an impeachable offense.

Imagine a national law enforcement environment in which any abuse by any federal official would be pardonable by the president. There you have it. The argument for this draconian result is clear.

Only the law protects the public from living in a police state.

If you think that local courts are a protection for citizens under a blanket Pardon presidential umbrella, think again. The Mercer-funded, Google-supported Federalist Society has been perfecting methods to induce all courts in the nation to be hospitable to dictatorial premises. This is Gorsuch territory. It is benign and well hidden. But it is still the executioner at work.

What would Trump's crime be?

The explicit reason why Trump would be committing an impeachable offense is explained in the piece embedded above.

In essence, Arpaio has been convicted of violating a citizen's constitutional rights. Pardoning Arpaio would open the door to exempting any police crimes that lead to conviction from punishment. The door to reflexive pardon would be opened.

The door is already ajar

We live in a nation where bias is documented and the results are not good if you are black or Hispanic.

This bias covers all areas of life despite efforts of popular culture to imply differently. Travon Martin cannot walk safely. Even vigilante law gets a pass.

Trump's is a reign of potential terror. Already, Trump is seeking to convince local police to join up with ICE to intensify anti-immigrant activity. His views on torture are not hidden.

Pardon Arpaio and watch the results.

The door has been open for years. Barack Obama knows what bias still exacts when he walks into a store. We have miles to go and now we are reaping a whirlwind of resentment that has its basis in the prejudiced and cruel mind of our chief executive.

Bipartisan or bust

Any move toward bipartisanship would break the scabrous pustule of Trump's invidious insinuations about Arpaio. It would signal a return to constitutional government. It would spare us the continuing nightmare of unreality turning reality into a theater of wrongdoing. Let this pardon issue blossom into a bipartisan consensus on the limits of presidential power.