We are so close now to implosion, the creation of Trump and the GOP, that it needs to be spelled out. Then we can see if there is any remedy.

Implosion, really?

There are five points to be made to substantiate an implosion diagnosis. 1. The store is in danger of closing entirely. 2. The person who is supposed to lead us is a double-bind expert who plays all sides but whose heart is with -- himself alone. Himself alone runs dictatorial, mob-inciting and oligarchic in the worst sense. 3. Generals and others who might seem stable reeds in a swamp that is sinking are not a reliable support.

The GOP legislature is morally bankrupt

4. The picture of the actual government that is rarely examined or reported on is not business as usual. It is confusion, depression and in many cases simple failure to operate for many reasons. 5. The GOP is the legislative branch and is utterly divided and unable to become a counter force. We are about to see the collapse of the Trump agenda (preordained) and the possible collapse of government as well.

Next, come the markets

When we had the depression-recession at the end of W's presidency, we recovered. If and when we have a repetition of that huge economic vote of no confidence--in the next ten weeks is my guess--we will be faced with a rush toward solutions.

The problem is that there seems to be no satisfactory end to this amazing crisis.

Blame the usual suspects

The GOP and Trump are both yelling fire constantly and confidence in both is reaching a zero point. But the fundamentals do not justify a collapse. It is an anomaly. Everyone is both right and wrong. There is no referee.

And time marches on.

A three point solution

This has to end. Bipartisan or bust. Trump out.

This may or may not work. The chances of it happening are not great. The possibility that we all sigh and resign ourselves to more of the same under a growing mantle of repression due to Trump's incitement of violence is more and more likely.

Wisdom now or later

At some point, the solution noted here will be effective. A bipartisan core will be the first indication that binary idiocy is receding. Triadic awareness is rising. The bipartisan core will have to provide a credible basis for ending Trump's invidious and clearly incendiary rule. The he-said-she-said arguments of the Donald are not even worthy of Abbot and Costello.

We must form a majority voice that says this must be over and done. That must be the question that polls answer overwhelmingly. Bipartisan has been the answer for three decades. The present crisis brings it to a head. Trump out is the emotional last stop on the roller coaster ride.