In light of recent events, it wouldn't be right to ignore the fervently debated topic of free speech. And to embrace the values of this website, I shall go forth and express my personal opinion on the conflicts arisen from the agreeability of this right.


What exactly does the right to free speech and expression entail? As an entitled citizen, one can express freely how he or she feels about a particular subject. This means that they cannot be stopped from thinking a certain way to completely espouse a belief. This might consequently include hate speech as well.

Speech that is directed toward a particular niche of people in a hostile or derogatory manner is known as hate speech. The problem with this form of speech is that it can incite violence and hatred. But critics believe that the term "hate speech" is used to censor or silence unpopular opinions or thoughts that higher authorities perceive as being disparaging to their regimes.

Where does the power of free speech end? It ends when it's no longer under your control. This includes the consequences of free speech. Free speech does not guard you against consequences of your actions.

So if your friend thinks you're a terrible human being for having a certain opinion, "I have the right to Freedom Of Expression" is not a valid argument.

Just because you can have an opinion does not empower you to enforce it on others. They don't have to agree with you or even respect your views.

Mirroring this conversely, it is also indecorous to muffle opinions that are unpopular or unconventional. Just because you don't hear them talk doesn't mean they're not thinking. And there is no way to say how dangerous it is if the mind is infested with depraved thoughts.

Knowing how a person feels about a certain subject gives you exposure to a particular process of thinking.

If you're not receptive to others' opinions, this decimates your chances of having a clear perspective on what people really think about something or someone. When you deprive yourself of that piece of knowledge, you're going to be at a position of disadvantage.

Because long term thinking prevails. Silencing thought might work now, but in the long term, the consequences could be devastatingly hideous. The best way to have people on your side is to know how to appeal to them.

The Essence Of Free Speech

It would be beyond irresponsible if we neglected the reason why we even have such a liberty in the first place. Free speech prevails on open-mindedness. Open-mindedness is the intelligence one possesses that allows the flow of conversations even when they extend to uncomfortable territories that a person could feel strongly against. It is okay to disagree. It is okay to live one's life with a certain belief. But it is not okay to think that others have to feel the same way or act the same way.

Think about this for a second. What exactly is the point of fighting to have more people on the same boat?

Freedom Of Speech does not sanction violence. It gives you the right to have egregious thoughts, but it does not give you the right to carry out egregious actions.