News media from huge to tiny seem to have no room for Endgame posts. You can find them with great effort. But they are overshadowed and largely ignored. This may seem utterly wrong but consider what is actually going on.

If trump were facing impeachment or the need to pardon family or any other endgame reality the closest you could come to it would be the Newsweek story of a month ago, posted below.

What has happened in the last month to make the prospects this story notes recede?

Nothing. Why is no one writing about this? Why are articles which do mention this buried? I think there are two explanations.

People want Trump out but are afraid to say so

Some hedge. Some simply escape into areas as irrelevant as sports and astrology. Some do not want to think about a further massive disruption of what seems a fragile situation. Papers like the New York Times know good and well that grand juries are grinding out results, that indictments are likely and that Trump is scared, but they have filed this away.

Only folk like columnist Charles Blow deal with the matter seriously. Maybe the Times and others are afraid they will jinx things if they get too openly concerned.

There is a more nefarious reason

But if we go a step further we need to at least raise a more disturbing question. Maybe the silent media and the silent search engines are the way they are because they genuinely fear Trump and already feel that the dictatorship we have warned about is imminent. It is not hard to sense dictatorial clouds above us.

We have a President who likes dictators and will not condemn Naziism.

If the reason for the silence is fear that anything said will be bait for being discovered by the Trump SS that is a shameful and unfortunately predictable understanding.

Unsettling factors

Several disturbing truths underlie the unfolding crisis that I have predicted will dominate the news during the coming ten weeks.

Getting rid of Trump is becoming more fashionable. The GOP is weakening its support. Mueller is gathering evidence. The crisis is coming sooner than later.

Underneath this crisis there is the fragility of things. The market looks robust but its fundamentals are based on the same sort of thinking that Trump exemplifies. We are talking big oil and more and more economic polarization if that is possible.

As things unfold this post will join the crowd of ignored observations. The binary bashing will continue. And Trump will still either be gone or a full-fledged dictator by the beginning of November.