The 'banana boat crew' that includes LeBron James, Dwyane Wade, Carmelo Anthony, and Chris Paul could finally see their dream of playing together come true. Blake Griffin recently sparked some controversy as he commented on the Sklar Brothers' podcast, "View from the Cheap Seats," that he believed LeBron and 'his group of guys' were planning something. Could the four friends and NBA stars truly make it happen, and would it work?

First, a team would have to empty most of its roster to create the cap space necessary to take in these players. In addition, everyone except LeBron would have to put their egos aside and accept much lower salaries.

Wade, being the eldest of the group at age 35, would certainly be one of those expected to take a major pay cut, if not the biggest pay cut.

Chris Paul the floor general

If things do not work out with James Harden, Chris Paul could be looking for a new home next year. Paul would own the point guard position in a team with LeBron, Wade, and Anthony. One of the best leaders in the game would enjoy being the floor general in a team full of stars with a mentality of winning. Paul is a master of the pick-and-roll. He has usually shared the floor with athletic big men who could set hard screens and roll to the basket with hopes of receiving an assist. If that is not the case, Paul could use the pick-and-roll with the likes of James or Anthony.

His chances of making the wrong play would be limited whilst playing with such a cast. Getting everyone involved and on the same page would be his main task.

Wade's last chance

Dwyane Wade could be bought out by the Chicago Bulls soon. Wade could look to join his friends in a new team where he would be the shooting guard. At age 35, Wade still has some fuel left in his tank.

In addition, he no longer needs much protagonism in order to be productive and helpful to his team. Wade would embrace a secondary role as he plays off the ball and uses his championship experience to aid the team when necessary.

Carmelo wants out

It remains to be seen where the disgruntled Carmelo Anthony will end up this year or the next.

The New York Knicks also want to move on, but they have not received a satisfying offer yet for his services. Carmelo could also find a way to make an impact alongside such stars. He and LeBron would alternate the small and power forward positions. Well, in today's game, these two positions are basically the same. Carmelo would space the floor and be the team's deadly outside shooter. On the other hand, he would have to commit to playing defense in a team full of stars who cherish offense.

LeBron is the key

LeBron James is the one that can make it all happen. He is the magnet that can attract the others to follow him. Wade, Carmelo, and Paul are his friends, but they are also NBA stars and have proved to be so for many years now.

LeBron will be an unrestricted free agent next summer, and he will be able to calmly choose his next destination. LeBron's team will continue to be relevant no matter who he plays alongside with. It is also true that he would enjoy finally playing alongside his friends who happen to be NBA legends. How good would that team be? They would be a veteran team in need of young, athletic players who can also play defense, that's for sure. However, so much talent on one team would be difficult to stop; just ask the Golden State Warriors. Only time will tell us whether we can answer that question.