The trump End Game is like a whirlpool that has more and more things tossed into it every day. There doesn't seem to be any filter. The season does not seem to matter. Whether one is on vacation is immaterial. Things are changing but it is not more or less presidential or better or worse. It is more. Just more. More of the same.

If one has been on the trail of Trump's downfall, willing to note any serious tick in one direction or another, the game remains the same. It is not an absolute prediction of whether Trump will remain or not. It is merely a prediction of when things will have climaxed.

The climax could be Trump leaving office. Or it could be the nation swinging definitively toward being a dictatorship. That is the binary either-or that this series of articles is about.

The signs are all the same

The signs point toward confrontation and climax. If anything, sooner than my predicted fate which is by the end of October. If the first two items below are indicative, there could be a faster resolution. In case you are wondering why I say "or dictatorship." I mean that Trump will, if he remains past October, have made himself above the reach of the law. In a democracy, the president is not above the law. In a dictatorship he is.

Thiel has a sudden problem with Trump

When Mr.

Theil jumps the Trump train after having been there since the beginning of the President's administration, one must ask why. The answer is he doesn't think there is a train to jump. He remains supportive but he thinks that White House incompetence is so rife, that disaster is a 50 percent possibility. If Theil can be considered part of Donald's base and he is alienated because Trump is not achieving his agenda, is he speaking for other affluent Trumpians?

More Sater Bayrock waves

It seems that the case Eric Schneiderman in NY was working on is now under consideration in a grand jury investigation in Virginia. Click on the link for more.

That tightens the noose as Schneiderman would not have investigated without suspicion of Trump criminal behavior.

Grassley is picking up steam

The trick on this is that Grassley heads the Judiciary Committee in the Senate. This adds another layer of inquiry to the mix. The Intelligence Committee has been the main player thus far. Since Manafort and Donald Jr. are key, lots of attention will descend on the chamber. Presumably, they will be under oath.

Speaking of himself, Grassley said, "This is what Chuck Grassley does... I think I've got a pretty good reputation for being what I call an equal-opportunity overseer."