Donald Trump would probably love to get the spotlight off of himself, yet refuses to share it with anyone else. If he goes down, he will be alone, pushing to cut in line at the gallows. He is so thoroughly focused on his own agenda that he probably wouldn’t even know which line he was in. I write this in jest, but I think it’s known to many of us through experience, as ridiculous as it seems, that it could very well be factual. me meeeee!

It has been established that Donald Trump meets nearly every single criterion for narcissistic personality disorder.

I have listed them before in previous print, but for the purposes herein, I’ll do it again;

  • An exaggerated sense of self-importance. “All of the women on The Apprentice flirted with me - consciously or unconsciously. That’s to be expected
  • Demanding to be recognized as superior sans relative meritorious achievements. Evidenced in his continual lies regarding his achievements since taking office, and his continual denigration of legitimate media fact checking as “Fake news”.
  • Exaggerating one’s own achievements or talents. “I know words. I have the best words.”
  • Preoccupied with fantasies of success, power, and brilliance, demonstrated in his obsession with all things gold, ‘bigly’, and Russian.
  • The belief that one can only be understood by others of equal superiority or status. Evidenced in his childlike desire to cater to his wealthy friends, and again, in his desire for all things Russian. He seems sycophantically enamored by them.
  • Requiring constant admiration. After 7 months as President, Donald Trump still needs rallies. He apparently gets a real turn on from them, getting especially sniffy and stiff necked.
  • Having a sense of entitlement. One needs to look no further than his tendency for temper tantrums. He’s in his 70’s mind you.
  • Expecting special favors and unflinching compliance with one’s expectations. Like those expectations he placed on the then FBI director James Comey. And then, of course, there is Jeff Sessions.
  • Taking advantage of others. Um... Trump University?!
  • An inability to recognize needs and feelings of others. I think his immigration policies speak volumes on this subject.
  • Behaving arrogantly. Do I really need one example?

All hail the mad king!

Donald Trump almost seems to get sexually aroused from public attention, to such an extent that often he gets lost in it, losing his place in whatever speech he is giving.

This behavior, exhibited at his rallies, where he carefully choreographs everything, can be contrasted with his total unwillingness to be interviewed by anyone immune to his influence, preferring instead to label these as “fake news”.

It has become clear to this writer, that Donald Trump is never going to share the spotlight with anyone.

His wife seems to be of an almost lower social status than he. It’s as if she must walk a certain number of steps behind The Donald.

Donald’s own children must always be positioned around him as if before a king. His first cabinet meeting was a disgusting display of lickspittle. The man seems quite adept at insulating himself, and yet he incessantly draws the spotlight away from insulators and back to himself.

I think it defeats the purpose of insulation to bare one’s butt to the elements in spite of it.

Sinking ship

Donald Trump’s narcissism will ultimately be his own undoing. He allows no one to make a bigger ass of themselves than himself, or they’re ‘fired’. No one can challenge Donald J Trump or they are ‘fired’. If you praise, defend, or advocate for Trump you will do well, until you put him in a bad light, then… you’re fired. The problem with this is, one does well, only if ‘The Man’ does well. But in the end, if you go down, you go down because you followed Trump's directives, as would any of his sycophants. In the end, the responsibility will lie with Trump and only Trump, minions are but the appendages of a narcissist