OK, time for a mini-avalanche on a day I thought was slow. These are all little signs that relate to the possible doom of Donald J. trump, possible former president of the United States. Mr. Mueller, the special counsel appointed to investigate said Mr. Trump, has set up a grand jury in Washington, DC. Here is an early tweet about it.

It looks as though WSJ was the early bird. You can access their account at the URL above. There is more to come.

Dictator is an infectious disease

Trump has a clear case of dictator or dictatoritis. Sadly, it is contagious. It leapt across the Potomac today and entered the Pentagon, and now that August institution is engaged in censoring a book because it tells the truth about extreme interrogation. Once again I shall provide you with an access URL. Needless to say, any dictator who falls to the law will take others with him. How far this will go now that we have a grand jury is anyone's guess.

One nice thing about this approach is that you get to see which media are worthy of attention because they are reliable and salient.

We have a fellow under grand jury investigation in the White House who has no use for reliable news sources. I hear marching on Broadway in Mid-Manhattan and the only word I can understand from the chant is the name of that fellow. This may not be his day.

A footnote on Mueller

Here's a bit more on the grand jury matter.

If the president thinks he can smear Mueller out of his job, he is doing a Comey to the nth power.

In other words, he is courting fate. And if he thinks Sean Hannity, who practically got Obama elected with his dunder-headed overreach on the Rev. Wright matter, can move public opinion today, he is grasping at a straw that is long gone.

The Vatican hammers right-wing Catholics

This is a wonderful story. Viva Papa! It is about time the Catholic church called these people on their tendency to look the other way when signs of impending dictatorship are nearby.

And when that Catholic happens to be the Pope himself implicitly, ignoring it is mighty difficult. But I must move on.

The timeline

I have guessed that this End Game would end in October. The ending would be Trump's departure or a series of events that would fundamentally remove our democracy and put Trump at the top as a dictator. So for me, the clock is ticking and all events I have noted including today's are germane. Donald is a two-edged sword who is unfortunately inclined to evil choices. It is now him versus the law.