Donald Trump went to Arizona on Tuesday with his campaign of hate. He was slick enough to carefully choose each word so that he fanned the flames and released more vitriol into America. It is difficult to believe, that after what took place in Charlottesville there are still U.S. citizens who support this man, but they do.

Trump supporters really love him

One of my Facebook friends announced she was traveling to the Arizona rally. A friend of hers responded that Donald Trump was the best U.S. president ever. This is difficult to digest as number 45 has aligned himself with white supremacists, the KKK and Neo Nazi's.

This begs the question of whether or not those who love him have the same views, or they simply like the fact that he is anti-establishment?

As a black female, I have to consider that perhaps some of those who support Donald Trump indeed are racist and are enjoying the fact that the leader of the free world is saying all the things they believe but have been afraid to say. We don't know how many Americans truly hated the fact that Barack Obama, a Man Of Color ascended to the "White" house. And that number 45 will never be Presidential because he was elected for that very reason. I have talked to people who wanted him to drain the swamp and over throw the government as is, so to speak.

The delusion of continued campaign mode

There is a great delusion to Donald Trump remaining in campaign mode, that his supporters are missing. They are excited to see him on stage and listen to his lies, but while he is having rallies, he is not governing the nation. Number 45 is simply stoking the flames of those on the fringes of hate.

He wants them to see him as their savior, the white male who replaced the man of color and who will restore America to a time when the good ol boys ruled and reigned."

Donald Trump is talking loud, but saying nothing and is all word and no action. Hilary is not locked up and there is no wall. Someone got in his ear and told him how to obtain votes spewing hate and vitriol, and now it continues.

Donald Trump does not know how to be a president. He only knows how to campaign and push peoples buttons, inciting them to bad behavior. It is a scary thought that any American can be happy with the way the nation currently is headed.

It is true that Donald Trump did not initiate the hate and intolerance in this nation, but he certainly is stoking the flames. As long as he is allowed to remain in office, he will continue to be who he has always been. Americans are viewing the real Donald Trump in living color. Those who were shocked at the events in Charlottesville, obviously really did not know he was a snake when he was picked to run for president. He is a campaigner and not a president, pure and simple.