Tuesday is here, Cancer, reminding you to never make a permanent decision based on temporary feelings. Your birth between June 22nd and July 22nd makes you quite temperamental and your frequent mood swings make you difficult to get to know and understand, especially in intimate relationships. Today’s daily Lovescope for Cancer speaks about learning to read the signs around you.

What to expect:

Singles: There are no coincidences in matters of the heart. People come into your life to teach you lessons that you wouldn’t have learned otherwise and today, it’s up to you who you choose to keep and who you’d rather see go.

Be strong and don’t give in to distractions in your love life.

The stars help those who help themselves and you’ve been so well behaved that they’re too eager to send someone special your way today. You’re all about family and your person will be all about you, so keep a close eye, because you wouldn’t want to miss your chance at the real thing.

Couples: You have moved on since your past relationships and have managed to gain much-needed closure. Sure, you may have a soft spot for Mr. or Miss ex, but you’re not allowing that to interfere with your new relationship. The stars forecast, however, that you won’t know whether to be evasive today when asked if a past relationship meant a whole lot to you.

Keep your poker face and choose your words carefully so as to not to sell out your heart.

Will the two of you go for a walk on the wild side today or choose to remain at home? Either way could prove to be really enjoyable, but for some reason you’re feeling greedy and just want your partner all to yourself today, away from the world.

No problem. He/she will be happy to escape as well. Sometimes solitude helps you to put things into perspective, so if you’re of the third decade, lock yourself away for a bit and reflect.

How to get through your day

For those looking for love: Today’s planetary alignments can wheedle you into some very intricate conversations.

Are you up for the challenge? You’re not usually chatty since your introverted nature likes keeping you away from boisterous types. Today, however, if you spend enough time at these discussions, you may start to find them pleasing. A meeting of minds could work in your favor, so, keep at it.

For those of you already in a relationship: Arguments and squabbles are strongly indicated today so you may need to back off when you feel things becoming too heated. If your partner is already in a bad mood, be caring, affectionate, and ultra sweet to bring out their inner teddy bear and get rid of the teddy monster. Don’t make things worse than they have to be.

That’s a wrap for today’s daily Lovescope for Cancer. It has been a pleasure sharing it with you.