A very happy Wednesday to you Aries! Your birthday between March 21st and April 19th makes you crave the freedom to do as you please, even in a relationship. You are possessive and jealous by nature but cannot stand to have a like minded partner of your own. Today’s daily lovescope for Aries speaks about the need to be content.

What to expect

Singles: It’s time to grow up Aries. You may have been influenced in the past to choose a lover based on your parents’ wishes, or what society deemed appropriate. Now, however, the stars are asking you to answer one simple question: who has to live with the person: your parents or outsiders?

It is just the right time for some growing up. Ask yourself what makes you happy, what qualities are you looking for Aries? In the long run, while others may not agree with your choice, at least you can rest comfortably knowing that you chose someone to make the most important person happy, yourself.

You’re happy with your lot in life Aries and today, the stars bless you with a certain air of authority. While you would expect others to lay down a carpet of gold for you, an undercurrent of irritation has outsiders being jealous and wishing they could topple you off from your golden throne. Beware of social events that may put you in touch with such people Aries. Simple arguments have the tendency to become an all out brawl.

Couples: Your relationship could take a turn for the better today as you and your darling get much closer. Love flows freely between you both and while you should be happy Aries, your insecurities start acting up and you’re wondering if your partner is really into this union wholeheartedly, or just using you as a stepping stone till better comes along.

Cut the crap Aries. The stars have finally given you what you wanted in a companion and you’re choosing to mope and question. Appreciate what you have right now, before the planetary energies deem you ungrateful or just too difficult.

Try your best to adapt to changes in circumstances in your relationship today Aries. Be patient because it’s for your benefit.

Let your intentions be sincere and hold firm to your beliefs. Outside influence is not welcome today.

How to get through your day

For those looking for love: It’s a day to keep things light, whether it comes to physically moving things, thinking about your life and/or relationships, or even engaging in conversations. The planets say anything too weighty is bound to sour your mood and get you thinking negatively. Enjoy some alone time if you can and commune with nature, Aries.

For those in a relationship: There is always room for improvement whether it’s personally, or as a couple. Changes, in the past, have been welcomed and you’re thinking of broaching the topic again to your partner today. A word to the wise Aries: it’s not a good day to make changes and for once, consider that the issue does not lie with you partner.

Maybe the person at fault today, is really you.

We’re so happy to have provided you with your daily Lovescope for Aries! Heed the stars’ advice for a happier life and visit again tomorrow for more insight.