Happy Wednesday Taurus! Your beliefs don’t make you a better person, your behavior does. Your birthday falls between April 20th and May 20th making you prone to playing it safe in relationships. No matter how well you know someone, you’re always guarded with your emotions in public until it’s time to unleash your passion in the bedroom. Then, there’s no holding you back. Today’s daily Taurus Lovescope speaks about learning to please yourself without anyone’s interference.

What to expect:

Singles: When you were younger, you and your friends would get together and pick each others’ lives apart.

Whether it was boys, girls, learning to drive, sneaking out of the house or getting in trouble at school, your friends were constantly updated with every minute detail of your life. Today though Taurus, step back for a bit and realize that you’re a grown up and really don’t have to answer anymore to anyone. You can make your own decisions and deal with the consequences without getting bombarded with opinions from X and Y. Sharing with your friends is great, but it’s better to keep some information, especially that of your personal life, personal.

Couples: Sometimes you don’t have to wait for a birthday, anniversary or promotion to celebrate life and love Taurus. Today is just as great a day as ever!

Get your partner and enjoy some dessert just because it’s Wednesday and you two love each other. How about breaking out the bubbly to celebrate not arguing this morning. Life really is sweet if you just focus on the positives and your blessings.

Think carefully about your options today Taurus. Risky initiatives could lead to your downfall.

The stars advise you to approach everything and everyone calmly today. Be observant and act in accordance with your surroundings.

How to get through your day

For those looking for love: Some interesting opportunities for romance exist today Taurus and it just may be at your workplace. Keep your eyes peeled for someone a little different from the usual suspects in your love life, as he/she may not have been someone under your radar.

Sometimes, the right one is directly under our nose but we’re blind to the possibility until the stars give us a little push. In your case Taurus, you need more of a shove.

For those already in a relationship: A little impatience Taurus, usually guarantees that you do what you must to get the job done. Today, however, that impatience is going to be directed at your partner, so look out for snappiness. Some little issue you’ve been harping about is yet to be resolved and there’s a possibility that discussions could turn into a huge fight instead. Some couples thrive on conflict while others need serenity to survive. You’re actually part of the second, but don’t say that the stars didn’t warn you.

We have enjoyed sharing with you today’s daily Lovescope for Taurus. We wish you a happy Wednesday and a most enjoyable and productive Thursday to come. Do share your reading with family and friends on Facebook and Twitter and we look forward to seeing you soon.