Hey, Virgo! It’s a blissful day for setting your goals for the week and looking forward to taking on the world with gusto. Here is today’s daily horoscope for Virgo, so let’s see what’s up ahead:

What to expect

People see how happy and relaxed you are and are now trying to rain on your parade. Don’t you just hate it when that happens? Relax and contemplate what's going on around you. Don’t do anything to provoke a fiery response from anyone. You’ve got a passionate fire burning within you today but there doesn’t seem to be a great deal of fuel available to keep it going.

Don’t be too bothered by this. Tomorrow’s always another day to put your plans into action.

There’s so much about you that really gets people thinking, staring, and lusting after you. Today is a great day for relaxation or easy-going fun so attend social events and turn up the charm. Others want to bask in your attention and enjoy the rest of your undeniable qualities of compassion, tenderness, sweetness, and more. Enjoy your celebrity status tonight and be humble. Your celebrations are likely to continue well into tomorrow morning.

The stars advise you to give of yourself and treat others the way you want to be treated. When it comes to your sensitive loved one, shower him/her with their favorite things and let them know that they’re your lucky star.

Harmonious surroundings keep you serene and able to really let loose in fun-filled activities with your family. Kick up your heels and show them the person they thought they lost years ago. Try to infuse the same enthusiasm and energy at work and you’ll be marvelling at how much you accomplish in a short span of time.

Emerald green is your lucky color for today.

Wear it also to keep your cool. You’ll need it, seeing as an answer you’ve been waiting for has not been forthcoming and it’s driving you absolutely bonkers. For such a reliable, practical, and meticulous person, this sense of not knowing is giving you a headache. Try to follow up and elicit a response as much as you can but don’t be bossy.

You may rub the wrong people the wrong way.

How to get through your day

Try being spontaneous today and be yourself if you’re trying to find your soulmate. The stars say the time is right for meeting others, but don’t pretend to be someone you're not. You’re not feeling too excited today so try some relaxation exercises and do a little stretching. Avoid arguments because they will ruin your mood for a long time.

That was your daily horoscope for Virgo. Have a terrific Tuesday.