Greetings Scorpio and a happy Tuesday to you. Today Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson is excited to present to you, your daily horoscope for Scorpio. Let’s see what she has gleaned from the stars:

What to expect

Maroon is your lucky color for today. The deep hue signifies deep conversations that you can have with loved ones in order to find resolutions to minor problems. As of late, you’ve been regrettably turning your back on friends who are suffering from lost love. Fix that immediately Scorpio especially since those friends were most present for you in your time of need.

Speaking of friends, you’ve made quite a few of them recently and there’s this bond between you that makes you feel like you’ve known them forever. Why not organise a warm get together at your home for both sets of friends? Who knows? Singletons may find their heart’s desire. Speaking of desire, what about your desires Scorpio? You’ve been taking things lightly and trying not to get into too involved with anyone or anything for fear of getting hurt. Stay positive because the stars are working on something special just for you.

If you have a rising sign in Sagittarius, give the person close to you a little freedom. He/she will greatly appreciate it! By jumping around from place to place, person to person, Scorpio, you end up feeling like you're getting nowhere.

Try looking beyond the physical and get deeper into someone’s personality and values today. Later on, break out of your regular online chatting routine and get out there and actually meet people. As far as work goes, your time would be better spent focusing your energy on specific project. Your problems will start to dissolve once you identify their root cause.

Do you mean what you say, or are you simply trying your best to be politically correct? And if you are, who exactly are you trying to placate? The stars urge you to lighten up and be yourself. It’s a fun, mysterious self to be. Let people see that there’s another side to you by letting them get close. Secrets that you had tucked deep away in your psyche might be ready to come out now.

For once, Scorpio, you’re a bit relieved and this surprises you. Don’t worry about shocking anyone, might just feel a whole lot better.

How to get through your day

Surprise gatherings of family and friends will make you appreciate them even more today Scorpio. It’s just one of those days where anything is possible. Who says you all have to stay at home? Make it a road trip and have a noisy sing along on the way. Treasure these moments Scorpio because they only come but once.

It has been a pleasure sharing with you today’s daily horoscope for Scorpio by Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson. Feel free to share this reading with your friends and family and we certainly look forward to seeing you on Wednesday!