Special greetings to you Taurus! Tuesday is here. We happily welcome to your daily horoscope for Taurus where Astrologer Megan Wilson shares her insight on what the stars have in store. Let’s see what today holds:

What to expect

You thrive in beautiful and comfortable places Taurus, so it’s no surprise that your home is an aesthetically pleasing haven. Today, you may want to up your game and do some redecorating or remodeling to suit your mood. Look around to see what changes can be made to brighten your surroundings and make space airier. Be creative, focus on minimalism and turn it into a welcoming area where guests would truly enjoy being.

By dressing up your living space, you’ll feel refreshed and renewed inside! Your lucky color today is yellow.

The stars advise you not to take people at face value today. So when a certain person starts feeding you all sorts of embellished stories, you won't be amused. Patience will not be one of your virtues today, Taurus. Not even a tiny bit. This person may at some point sense your aggravation and try to deflect by taking the attention off of themselves by asking questions about you. Oh boy--that's almost laughable. Didn't you invent that ploy? Be flattered that he/she is using your ideas.

Taurus, maybe you’re sitting in front the tv every night routine is boring you now, and you want to shake things up.

Call a friend or a group of them and have a good laugh later on--it will really do you good. If you belong to the first decade, you will experience very deep romanticism. Faith in your beloved will be one hundred percent. Tiptoe around someone who seems like they might be in a grumpier mood than normal. That doesn't mean you have to feel stifled and be on your Ps and Qs but an extra dash of sensitivity when dealing with them will definitely make your day and theirs, go a whole lot more smoothly.

Don't think that they won't notice, either. They'll return the favor and then some if you're ever in a similar situation.

To get through your day, Taurus

You’re generally organized with a great sense of direction Taurus. You know what to say and do. Today, however, you may be in a difficult position and feel either trapped or pulled in two directions with little clue as to how things are supposed to end.

The acting forces could be manipulative, so you should take special care that no one takes advantage of you. This may be easier said than done at a time like this. Unforeseen circumstances will ruffle your feathers, and you won’t be able to fully relax. Find the time though, in the midst of the chaos for some alone time to recharge your mental batteries.

We certainly hope you’ve enjoyed your daily horoscope for Taurus and will heed the stars’ insight. Please share this reading with your friends on social media; Facebook or Twitter, and have a blessed Tuesday!