Hi, Aries! It’s a refreshing Tuesday, and here's what you can expect in today’s daily horoscope for Aries.

What to expect

You’re sometimes accused of being a know-it-all, Aries, but it’s not your fault. You’re incredibly wise and just happen to know a lot about everything! Today your opponent is a bit jealous and trying to huff and puff in your direction. While this may intimidate the average Joe, to an Aries like you, what a joke! This person’s fighting words only slightly amuse you because you know that when the smoke clears, you’ll emerge the winner.

You’re even anticipating exactly what he/she is going to say.

You know you’re capable of taking on the world by yourself but sometimes other people are placed before you to make the journey easier. Today is such day and it’s important that you mingle and get to know them a little more. It's likely that they will play a big role in whatever transpires today. Despite the company, you may still feel lonely and may long for the special piece of the puzzle to your heart. Try your best to stay positive regardless of the combative forces at work on a day like this.

You love to put on a grand show and being noticed by everyone really gets you going. Today however, simplicity is key. Share your time with valued friends as you all sign up for a cooking class or dance session -- it'll be fun.

If there is someone who has attracted your attention lately, show that person some love today, it could be worth your while! Tonight, if your Ascendant is Taurus, you'll be able to satisfy your erotic passions without feeling the reactions of a prudish partner.

You generally need your freedom to survive and your motto could very well be "don't fence me in." If anyone tries to set limits or structures on what is or isn't possible for you right now, you'll very firmly and clearly tell them to get the heck out of the way -- or they might just get knocked down.

Hey, as long as they have enough warning, everything’s game. Just keep in mind that even if their advice is totally off base, they’re not the enemy and actually have your best interest at heart. Be kind when you tell them that you know exactly what you're doing.

How to get through your day

A short but significant trip could take precedence right now in your life, Aries, as the Moon moves into Aquarius.

You have been planning this for some time and are looking forward to sharing your outing with close family members. You could find yourself travelling to a site of religious, cultural, and/or historical importance. Use this time to relax, bond, and reconnect with your family members. Wearing anything in the lemon shade will prove lucky for you today.

That’s a wrap for today’s daily horoscope for Aries. Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday.