Welcome to Sunday’s daily horoscope for Taurus. Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson is ready with your reading for this glorious day, so let’s take a look:

What to expect

There's really no need to be in such a hurry to prove yourself Taurus. The more patient you are, the happier you will be when you finally get your turn. The stars urge you to maintain full awareness of your actions, be honest and win your victories one at a time. As the day wears on, the politics of charm will solve a romantic issue beautifully and without much effort.

Cookies, cake, pasta bowls, steak: Are you eating because you're really hungry Taurus or are you chowing down for other, perhaps, more emotional, reasons?

If you’re stressed, it’s very easy to crave and overindulge in fatty and high-calorie foods. However, it may be better to find a healthy way to nourish your body and soul in appropriate ways. Make sure you aren't simply trying to feed your anxiety so it'll be quiet.

Silver may be a werewolf’s kryptonite, but it’s your magnetic, lucky color for the day. If your ascendant is Libra, your sexual desire is going through the roof today. Should you have someone in mind with whom to get your groove on, prepare for a night of fantasy. Get your sweet smelling lotions, your scented candles, that see through lingerie you’ve been dying to use and the batteries. Batteries? Oh yes Taurus, it’s going to be a naughty night when you lure him/her into your wicked world!

If you are in one of the healing professions, then children are highlighted today, Taurus: either yours or someone else's. If you're a parent, see if you can spend extra time with your children. If you're a nurse or doctor, you may have the opportunity to make a big difference in the life of one of your patients. You will all benefit from some quality time together.

On the work front, now is the right time for any kind of investment. You may also experience sudden windfalls through some inheritance or a raise at work. A great day lies ahead of you and you will be socializing and enjoying a fun evening. The gathering could be a family event or one with friends.

To get through your day

Music could come in very handy today Taurus, especially as you’re trying to reduce your stress levels.

Everyone has a unique way of enjoying it so rock out to your favorite jam, feel soulful and smooth to some R&B, or do the Bop with some pop! Make it a memorable Sunday and you’ll set just the right mood for the rest of the week.

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