Greetings Sagittarius! Sometimes you have to forget what you feel and remember what you deserve. Here's the inside scoop for you in Friday’s daily horoscope for Sagittarius.

What to expect

You are a real people person, Sagittarius. You enjoy interacting with them and finding out what makes them tick. In relationships, you believe in giving your partner the benefit of the doubt. However, there are only so many times that will happen before your patience runs out. Recently, your partner has been acting a little differently. He/she isn’t replying to your messages on time, they’re not answering your calls, and they’ve been giving you various reasons why they couldn’t spend time with you.

You’d like to believe them, but their stories just don’t add up. Listen Sagittarius, you are much too smart to be taken for a fool. If someone won’t willingly make time for you in their life, there are much better places you can be.

To splurge or to save, that is the question! Today you are torn between wanting to have a little fun and putting aside money for bills and other necessities. Your head tells you to be sensible and practical, but your heart says run amok, it’s just one day. Be honest with yourself Sagittarius. Can you afford to be frivolous today? It would be a shame to have to beg a friend for money to pay your phone bill, especially since you’re working! Listen my friend: Treat yourself today, but to something small.

There are still lots of nice, inexpensive things out there that you like. When you’ve saved enough and you’re in a better standing then by all means, shop to your heart’s content.

Let your goose loose, Sagittarius. You’re getting on your partner’s nerves and you’re just feeling cooped up. Stop trying to do everything by the book, and just go with the flow.

Go watch a movie, walk to the florist's instead of driving, comb your hair to the left instead of the right, put your tie on back to front and call it the latest fashion -- just do something different! Too much planning tends to be a killjoy, and a little bit of spontaneity may just help you prove to yourself that you do have a fun side that likes to pop out from time to time.

How to get through your day

Seek the advice today of a trusted friend or relative on a pressing matter. You have a gut feeling that you can’t ignore, but at the same time, you don’t want to be too hasty in your decision making. You are a firm believer in considering every option available, even if it doesn't seem feasible at that point in time. Today, get all the facts, and you’ll know how to move from there, Sagittarius.

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