Hi, Sags! It’s Saturday and you’re itching to see what this weekend holds. Here is some insight into what you can expect in today’s daily horoscope for Sagittarius. Let’s see what’s going on in your life:

What to expect

New places, new faces, new foods, and new lands to explore -- you revel in novelty and the spice of life excites you and brings you great pleasure. Focus on meeting new people and those chance meetings could evolve into lifelong connections. Such links can easily give you full access to all the fresh experiences your heart desires.

It won't be tough because all you have to do is take your natural friendliness and curiosity and turn them up a few notches. Let the stars do the rest.

You’ve got a fierce energy about you and a magnetism that’s positively hypnotic. People who have no problem resisting other signs just can’t get you out of their head. A not-so-confident partner could easily become insecure knowing how many admirers are gazing at his/her love. Put their mind at ease today and let your honey know that he/she is the only one for you.

The sparkle of your usual routine has dulled, urging you to get out and try new activities. Horse-riding, fencing, model-making or photography could be good for the soul. Tonight you'll want some fun with your friends.

How about going to see a movie? You'll definitely find something that suits all tastes.

A continuous see-saw of successes and defeat will weaken you if you have a rising sign in Leo, but don't be beaten by the continual challenges you will encounter. The stars advise you to make the most of lucky opportunities which will present themselves in this period.

You will notice that things start swinging your way today, Sagittarius. Some unresolved issues at work or lack of cooperation from colleagues will be resolved today with the moon in Pisces. You will remain in high spirits and your perseverance will have a positive effect on things and people around you. There may be a chance of you getting promoted as well.

Your lucky color today is light blue so wear it and start attracting those good vibrations.

How to get through your day

Even if you try to explain your thought processes and where you stand emotionally, it still seems like others are more concerned with themselves and are not willing to listen. As a result, you often feel misunderstood, believing that only you can really understand how you feel. No problem! Be your own cheerleader. An air of mystery is part of what makes you intriguing.

Many heartfelt thanks for checking out your daily horoscope for Sagittarius. Come back tomorrow, and have an enjoyable Saturday.