Hey Pisces, Saturday has landed, and there’s lots in store for you. Let’s check out Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson’s insight in your daily horoscope for Pisces. Heed the messages from the stars and see how best you can put them to use.

What to expect

There’s so much to do and you’re worried that you won’t find the time to do it all. Calm down, take a breath or two or fifteen, and try to focus on tidying up any neglected areas in your life. This is a great time to bring an end to old projects or get some closure to certain long-standing issues.

It’s in your best interests to tie up loose ends rather than trying to initiate discussions or get something new off the ground.

You're the very soul of frugality, responsibility, and thrift. But at the moment, you have a bit of an itch. Hmm, the stars say that since you’ve been so well-behaved financially over the past few weeks, you can treat yourself today. Your shopping fever today will have you running rampant in the mall and other shopping centres. You want to bring along every single piece of plastic you have because you suddenly think you need everything! Enjoy a few treats, why don’t you, but keep an eye on your budget. You don’t want to wake up tomorrow hating yourself.

You seem constantly stressed at the moment, so how about going for a nice long swim or to a whirlpool?

You'll discuss affairs of the heart with your friends tonight. Is serenity really that much better than tumultuous love? You gave your answer some time ago. Those of the first decade need to cast aside aggression for love and use some gentleness and tolerance towards your beloved! Don't ruin a relationship which could last for a long time.

Meditate calmly on who you should give your heart to--trust your instinct and go for it.

Age brings wisdom and so do mistakes. You’re in a good place, Pisces, so stay on track and you'll have a clear runway. If, however, you deviate from where you need to be, you might get a harsh reminder from something or someone. There are powerful forces at work and you’ll somehow benefit if you work with instead of against them.

Maintain your focus on the truth and those aspects that align with your soul.

How to get through your day

Today, beware of getting into any kind of situation where you need to spend unnecessarily, Pisces. An increase in your expenses are indicated by the stars and you could very easily go overboard. You need to carefully budget your finances and leave behind things which are not really important for now. Your bank balance will thankfully not be affected as some savings from the past shall add some respite. Do avoid wearing the color blue today.

What a great end to a long week Pisces. We thank you for checking in for your daily horoscope for Pisces and hope you’ll be back to visit very soon.