It’s great to be in your company on this fine Friday, Cancer. Welcome to your daily horoscope for Cancer where Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson will shed some light on your life as guided by the stars. Let’s get started:

What to expect

Flattery works wonders, but today, maybe someone is trying to charm the pants off of you for his/her selfish motives. Be aware and don’t be fooled by sweet words and a nice facade. Today you’ll need to find the right balance between a family matter and tending to your professional duties. It’s a delicate situation, but if anyone can do it, it’s you.

You also feel the urge today to pull out all the stops on the journey up the corporate ladder. Tenacity is your specialty -- even so, staying diligent may be trickier than usual.

You’re feeling proud of your achievements, and just when you're moving up the career ladder with a big new promotion that entails more hours, your sweetie complains that he/she doesn’t see enough of you at home. Geez, Louise! The stars present you with two steps forward, three steps back kind of situation right now, which may seem more frustrating and possibly even alarming than you'd like. However, with your prowess, you’ll be able to turn these back-and-forth movements into a reasonable resolution gracefully.

It is indeed a time where your hard work and efforts are recognized at work.

But with the moon's presence in Pisces, try to avoid any sort of disputes with people who are in a higher position than you. It’s crucial for your career. Go ahead and look within and bring out the best that is in you and impress your boss and co-workers. Wearing white will give you the confidence you need to tackle any problems that you encounter today and to approach anyone from whom you need a favor.

Sudden emotional turmoil is bound to arise and keeping things in balance may be more trouble than it's worth, Cancer, so don't force the issue. The more you can let go and accept that everything isn't going to always be peaceful and harmonious, the better able you will be to deal with the situation. Challenges are good for your personal development so take it in stride.

How to get through your day

The bug of creativity has bitten you, and you’re feeling a pressing urge to do something new. Have you ever considered making your Web Page? Start tonight, be imaginative and innovative! For those desiring physical activity, try " walking meditation" which helps reflection as you concentrate on your feet movements. It's relaxing and also very useful. It’s easy to envisage problems where there are none, so those born in the second decade need to calm down and stop exaggerating.

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