Greetings, Aquarians!. Today’s daily horoscope for Aquarius talks about your feelings. Read on to find out what the stars are saying to you for today, according to Astrologer Megan Wilson.

What to expect

Today, Aquarius is finally the calm after the storm. Leaving behind a tumultuous last few days, you can now move into a better mental space. However, you can take away something positive from these recent challenges, which is that you are free. Free of burdens, free of those who doubt you and free of regrets. With this new determination, you will finally begin to slide into your perfect niche and once you are settled in this place, all of your worries will begin to fall away.

If you are playing a game of chance or just hoping that your manager assigns you to that new big project, then wear silver or gray today and your luck will only be increased. You may be asking yourself how are you lucky to be given a new project or additional work, but be mindful, these acts today will lead to an incredible opportunity in your career. New possibilities will become evident and reveal themselves, all you have to do is to be watchful and ready.

If your rising sign is Cancer, you are more prone to be irritated today, however, peace and serenity are much needed. Take a timeout when necessary then face your undertaking again when you are calm.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Aquarius, remember to practice deep breathing and positive reaffirmation.

You have come through the worst but it's natural to be hesitant and anxious after such a trying experience. You may be a bit sensitive to others, but just keep reminding yourself of your new goals and outlook, this will aid you greatly in times of great frustration.

Another way to relieve that tension and frustration today is by remembering you can't be all things to all persons and therefore cannot please everyone.

Take satisfaction in knowing that those that truly care for you won't have these unreasonable requests and expectations on you. Let your own peace and happiness be enough to comfort you today and focus more on your professional pursuits. Someone may reveal a new business or career opportunity to you today, listen attentively!

It's likely that you hear something that you agree with, you can funnel the energy that you sometimes give to others into new pursuits that could be extremely beneficial to you.

Thank you for reading today’s daily horoscope for Aquarius. Be sure to check your horoscope for tomorrow. Have a great Tuesday!