President of America - Donald Trump is infamously known for his bans with the latest one being the Transgender ban in the military. Trump made this announcement on Twitter and after hearing this everyone blew away with anger. According to Trump the reason for this decision is that the U.S. cannot afford the medical costs of the community. President Trump is known for taking such drastic steps, but this time, the ban is not only overtly serious, but Trump is also breaking his own promise in doing so. Since he came to power, President Trump has been heavily criticized for his views on several issues, stretching from ban on Muslims to the U.S.-Mexico border wall.

What did President Trump say earlier?

President Trump is the same person who had promised to support and stand for the LGBTQ community during the Presidential elections. While as expected, everyone is expressing their discontent over the news, some Republicans are lashing out at Trump, while others are yet to comment on this decision. While many Democrats criticized this announcement, several Republican lawmakers expressed their opposition as well. According to a report by Vox News, Many Republicans in Congress, including Sens. John McCain and Orrin Hatch, are opposed to the ban.“There should be no discrimination,” Hatch told their reporter.

Trump has taken a U-turn on the issue while there are many politicians who do not want the Transgender military ban.

The Republican senator, James Inhofe's view?

Another Republican senator, James Inhofe commented that there are enough problems with the social experimentation in the military and the president has a right to take his own decisions. Nevertheless, we still don't have an accurate idea of what the Republicans senators actually think about this, as only 9 of them opposed the ban while others were certainly unclear enough about it to comment.

The next couple of days will give us an idea of what the senators think, meanwhile they are currently busy with the Republican Health Care bill. And they might also try to analyze where the public stands on this issue.

Meanwhile, until we hear the exact news and information from the president himself, it is highly inappropriate to comment or assume anything on the basis of a series of tweets.

The exact repercussions will be understood once the ban is taken into actual consideration. Gender identity has always been a sensitive issue in the west and taking a take on that might not go down well with everyone. Still, there is more to confirm regarding the issue. Stay tuned for more political news, updates, and rumors.