Sunday makes her way into your world and urges you to choose people, Aquarius. There’s no point in trying to convince others of your worth. It’s time for your daily horoscope for Aquarius brought to you by Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson so let’s see what the stars have in store for you today:

What to expect

You've got a light and spark about you that just won't quit Aquarius! Look at you! Actually, the real question right now is who isn't looking at you? All eyes can't help but be drawn in your general direction so enjoy your hypnotic effect and let this boost of confidence serve you well today.

If you've got plans or a change of direction and you need company, fear not--you'll have all the company one person could ever hope for or need, thanks to your undeniable magnetism.

The stars pull you away today from making rushed decisions -- those haven’t served you well in the past, and there’s no guarantee that a similar trend won’t continue. Think before you act. Tonight try to be an implacable Conqueror and let your charm work wonders for you!

You’re not by any means stingy--it’s just that you like to be prepared for the proverbial rainy day. Money matters at this time tend to be tricky to manage, but fortunately, not because you're having problems with your checkbook. You’re just worried that should cause some spontaneous need arise; you won't be able to come up with what you need to make the day special.

Don’t let this worry take precedence Aquarius -- you’re a smart saver, and you’re well taken care of.

Should you head out on a picnic today? How about a tranquil day near the lake? However you choose to spend your time, don’t forget to strengthen your family bond. The humdrum of everyday life can suck the life out of near relationship unless quality time is set aside to spend with your loved ones--and today is such a day.

Your efforts towards making them feeling ever closer to you have borne fruit as your family is warm and empathetic towards you as well. Try to keep things this way because things are looking promising. Your family is there for in times of need and vice versa. As a random token of appreciation, consider buying them a small gift to show your gratitude for their support.

Wearing black will help you attract positive energy today.

How to get through your day

Realize that if certain things control you, you don't have complete control over your life. Try not to fight this truth, Aquarius. The stars say that not much will happen until you decide to give up a few vices that have a serious effect on your well-being. Simply accept that these things exist in your world, and understand that you can coexist without having to surrender to their power.

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