Hey, Pisces, Sunday brings a fresh breath of air to your life, and you’re eager to start off the new week on a positive note. Let’s check out Blasting News Astrologer Megan Wilson’s insight into your daily horoscope for Pisces. Heed the messages from the stars and see how best you can put them to use.

What to expect

Your brain is buzzing with activity today, and you just want to put it on pause -- just for a while. You are remembering things from long ago and storing names of people cropping up now. Big ideas are swirling around your mind, so too, are thoughts of how to spend next weekend with those you love.

Sit down and toss anything that isn't necessary to finish up the tasks at hand. Write down ideas that you come across, and when your head is a bit clearer, you can get started on those.

With the rising sign in Libra you miss caresses and the simplest gestures of affection: don't feel sad, however, because the stars forecast that you will soon meet someone who can satisfy your every urge. If you want some advice, think before speaking: you could regret saying too much.

This evening, prepare yourself a great dinner, take the phone off the hook and enjoy a good film. The life of a single person is this -- giving the best of you to yourself. You can’t help but grin from ear to ear today, Pisces!

You never, ever miss a chance to spoil someone you love on a Daily basis. So when a certain someone remembers to return the favor, don't you dare argue about it. It's now officially your turn to receive the benefits. Indulge in this favorable time from the stars.

Today, Pisces, you should go about your day with a calm head and practice self-control as it would help to overcome any hurdle very quickly.

Since dealings with a government department may prove cumbersome, you would need to exercise extreme caution and patience. Delays will only hamper your work/project. Try your best to avoid any disputes with people in a position of authority due to the presence of moon in Aries. If you come across a situation where there is obvious red-tape, get in touch with a higher power that will help you sail smoothly through.

Wearing something in light blue will prove lucky for you today.

How to get through your day

Things are falling into place, Pisces and during this whirlwind day, you will finally feel like you're getting things back on track. Any lag you've felt in the past few days will be eliminated. Your engine is in high gear, and you’re more focused on exactly what you want. Don't be so concerned with how you're going to get it, just defining it precisely.

What a great end to a long week Pisces. We thank you for checking in for your daily horoscope for Pisces and hope you’ll be back to visit very soon.