Welcome to today’s daily FinanceScope for Taurus. Here's what the stars are saying about your past and the issues you will face in your future. Read on to find out more about what you can expect in terms of your finances and how best to deal with what is presently happening in your life.

What to expect

Your pie in the sky plans have proved harder than you thought to achieve. Haven't you always been a dreamer? Don't let being grounded spoil your mood. Plenty of others have found themselves in the same predicament. Your lofty ideas may have been dragged back down to earth but your travel plans don't have to be.

It could be time to take that holiday. Not bad as a consolation prize is it? Only you are able reign yourself in, so next time be firm with yourself about what is achievable and put your foot down when you start heading off on unlikely tangents.

Generosity to those close to you is called for -- whether it be toward friends and children or even just your dog. Don't selfishly hoard your cash for yourself. The thought is unworthy of you. You can do so much more for others than you have been doing thus far. Has an old investment gone wrong been upsetting you? Has something you once loved wholeheartedly suddenly become abhorrent? Brace your spirit, soon, money will be raining down upon you.

Property or stock trades will be fruitful today, but proceed with caution.

There is no substitute for background research. Look at various options before you take that dive. Think about your overall investment strategy and make sure your short term selections fit into the larger picture. You are encouraged to lay a sturdy foundation upon which to build.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Taurus, hold on to the charming optimism that you're known for.

Tempering your expectations and pulling back a little when you have stretched beyond your reach is only a temporary setback. You have given it your all so there is no need to feel guilty, whatever the final result. Revive your spirit. Cosmic forces gather to lend strength to your convictions. Break things down into smaller, achievable steps -- these small landmarks will bring you closer to your goal rather than attempting again to take it all in one large leap.

All is achievable given enough time. Be open with those around you. You can make a notable impact just by showing them care and consideration. Put aside some time for family away from your work today. Do something fun that is only for your enjoyment.

That’s it for today’s daily FinanceScope for Taurus. If you’ve enjoyed this reading, check back tomorrow for more updates. Have a great day!