Welcome to today’s daily FinanceScope for Pisces! Read on to find out more about what’s next in your life.

What to expect

You may be two sides to the same coin, no one argues with your duality. Just be sure you are aware of which side you fall on in this situation. Heads or tails? You may need to take a good hard look at your real motives. Too much hiding behind smoke and mirrors may mean you can no longer clearly see a reflection of your true form. Do not allow your moral fiber to blow blithely away.

You will be energetic today, and the universe will seem to favor you.

Your investments will prove rewarding, more so than you had first hoped for. Enjoy the positive flow of the day and think seriously about starting up a project you have been postponing for a while. Acting on impulse will be safe enough today. A strange day is in the cards, though, for those with an Ascendant in Cancer. They can expect precariousness and perplexity, preventing them from acting shrewdly.

Generally, today is set to be a great day for your finances. Any commercial transactions made at this time will reap considerable returns, Pisces. The dreamed of day when your income starts to outpace your expenses is near. This is an outstanding situation and you should exploit your position by restricting your spending and putting aside as much money as possible at this time.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Pisces, do not just go with your first whim, analyze your motives before you give in to your desires. It will undoubtedly work in your favor as you have an unbiased view of yourself. You can hide from others, but the danger comes if you hide from yourself too. The darker side of your nature may have permission to lead to gain some advantage over your rivals but you should always be fully aware of granting it that power.

Do you want to let others gain the lead by them seeing reality clearer than you do? Interact with the world with whatever face you want to show, but with yourself you must display the true one. Long-term success comes from knowing your own mind. Your chart indicates that you will be empowered through more honest dealings and clearer broadcasting of your intentions.

That’s it for today’s daily FinanceScope for Pisces. If you’ve enjoyed this reading, please feel free to check in again soon for more up-to-date information on your horoscope. Come back soon, and until then, be sure to have a lovely day!