Welcome to Today’s daily FinanceScope for Leo! Astrologer Megan Wilson looks to the stars to determine what they are saying about your financial future and what you should do about the decisions you are being faced with in your life. Let’s get started!

What to expect

There is action worth noting. You will either be making a boat load or bailing furiously. But either way, there will be a reason to mark the date.

By crying, shouting and swearing, you won't get your money back. You can't turn the clock back, especially when talking about money, so try to take it philosophically.

Those born in the third decade will suffer the most from the Stars today. Don't worry, better times are on the way.

This day is auspicious for investing in the share market and today finds you intrigued by the concept of ethical investing. You have been wanting to dabble in the stock market as of late and now you want your funds to support just the right causes. This is the right time to redirect your investments and to consider making a donation to a worthy cause.

How to get through your day

Something unexpected will happen today, Leo. It is unclear which side of the line it will fall on, but whatever occurs, be prepared to be surprised. Are you tired of being the practical one? Keeping your calm and being the voice of sensibility does get old quickly.

But is anything truly helped by wailing at the faiths? Whatever happens you will have no choice but to face it to the best of your abilities and with the tools you have at hand. Resist your inclination to have an overly emotional response.

Look at the facts of the matter. It is not like you haven’t had to struggle before. You know well how to do it.

You got through that fine, when all is said and done. Encourage yourself to look on the bright side. Almost every experience is an opportunity to learn. If not a new lesson, at least you learn what you are made of.

Take the opportunity to develop your strengths and refuse to give in to worry. What goes down will eventually stop its fall at some point.

Then the only direction left to go is up. So what do you really have to worry about? Send something good out into the world and the universe will return the favor.

You can handle anything that is thrown at you with considerable panache. Tests of your resolve are only to be expected. Did you really think it to be easy? Keep your goals firmly in mind and do not be distracted by these small bumps in the road.

That’s it for today’s daily FinanceScope for Leo. If you’ve enjoyed this reading, be sure to check back again for more on your horoscope and please feel free to share with your network. Have a fantastic day!