Has it seemed like everything is moving full speed ahead lately? Are you wondering when to make your big move? In today’s daily FinanceScope for Gemini, we will explain what the stars have to say about how you should move forward. Read on to find out more.

What to expect

Now that things are slower, so you have the time to do more calculating. That can be every bit as satisfying as making money hand-over-fist. Well, almost as satisfying. Enjoy. You have earned it.

The thought/question today is: will you succeed in freeing yourself of the "cyber trader syndrome", abandoning those hi-tech stocks and shares which make you lose money?

Answer: not on your life! Those with an Ascendant in Taurus will waver between what to do and what not to do. There'll be a great deal of regret but there's not much you can do about this.

This is a good day to buy or sell real estate, so if you’ve been doing your homework about a property you wanted to acquire or get rid of, you can make your move today. Make sure you check all your documents carefully, though, as one auspicious day can’t save you from all the errors that can occur in a complex transaction. However, do take advantage of this day when forward movement is indicated.

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Gemini, slow down and appreciate the good that surrounds you.

You have been revved up and going at full speed lately. This is not sustainable or healthy. Yet you have achieved a lot in that time. It may seem like it is worth it, but you must take some time for self-care.

You have been working hard on getting your act together. Don’t worry, you won’t lose your progress if you give yourself a well-deserved break.

What is the point of all you earn and accomplish if you never get to enjoy it?

Accommodate the needs of your family and friends today, give them some of your attention. You have been missed. Allow yourself to be normal and boring for a bit. Your ideas will flow even faster once you spend some time away. Not everything is urgent and you can afford to step away for a while now that the recent rush is past.

You are a natural risk-taker, this behavior may lead to losses but you will be able to maintain a positive balance over the long-term so do not let the ups and downs stress you out. They seem way more dramatic at close range than they will be when you look back at them later on.

That’s it for today’s daily FinanceScope for Gemini. If you’ve enjoyed this reading, be sure to check back tomorrow for your updated horoscope. Have a great day