Are you letting money rule your life? Are you wondering if the time is right for new ventures? In today’s daily FinanceScope for Taurus, what the stars have to say about risk and your financial future is explained. Read on to find out more about your way forward.

What to expect

Money certainly doesn't hurt popularity, it's true, but not having any shouldn't kill your social life, either. And if it does, well, go the old fashioned route. Convince yourself they weren't worth having as friends anyway.

You've risked a fortune and now, even if you've managed to survive, you just want to put your money into a safe place.

Real estate is safer than the Stock Exchange. Those born in the first decade are prone to risking everything they have! You'll feel the urge to go too far so could get into trouble. Moderate your desire for risk and reflect on possible losses.

Today is a day when overseas ventures are considered very lucky and lucrative. If you are working with a company based overseas, or if your business has overseas contacts, you may find that those relationships pay off today in more ways than one. This could be just the time to make that bold business move with your foreign client. Keep the communication lines open across borders!

How to get through your day

To get through your day, Taurus, remember that the things of most value do not require money.

There is so much you can do without spending. Experiences are important and you should shift your focus to acquiring more of those rather than spend all your time chasing physical things. Your friends are understanding, simply state up front that you are building up to something and don’t want to spend much. Work with them to plan things that are affordable to everyone, have a potluck dinner party or movie night at someone’s home.

Not everything has to be a competition and you should stop assuming everyone else is trying to show you up. Letting your ego hold you back from having a social life or interacting with the people in your life is more hurtful to you than useful, as you may end up too bitter to spend all the free time you now have doing anything constructive.

You know what you need to do to change this. Your worries will be there when you come back, go out and enjoy your life. Now is the ideal time to play it safe financially, but this will be easy enough for you, as you have lost your taste for large risk and are already in conservation mode.

That’s it for today’s daily FinanceScope for Taurus. If you’ve enjoyed this reading, be sure to check back tomorrow for more on your Daily horoscope. Have a fantastic day!