Everyone that loves this amazing plant is naturally compelled to tout it as a cure for everything. And in fact, if one combines the effects of THC with a strong desire and the placebo effect ganja may very well seem to be a cure for almost anything. We certainly want it to be. It’s not. Many of you out there seem desperate to want it to be true as if the only way to make it legal is to have everyone believe it is a ‘miracle drug’.

Marijuana treats

Marijuana is wonderfully useful and satiating. Its anti-inflammatory properties have been well established by many armchair experts.

Any cursory glance at a google search will produce plenty of anecdotal evidence to that claim. There is some science too. In fact, the NFL has offered to work with the players union to study cannabis for pain management according to Mark Maske, of the Washington Post.

Our bodies naturally make compounds that treat inflammation and pain. Marijuana could help these processes act more efficiently. It’s been said that some constituents within cannabis can slow the growth of tumors in some forms of cancer. That does not, however, equate to, “Marijuana cures cancer!”.

Before even considering the above statement you need to go learn a little about cancer. Cancer is forever mutating and there are multiple types.

Cancer is caused by one’s own cells losing the ability to regulate growth. So, it is not likely that you will ever find “A cure for cancer.” Eradication is instead accomplished one case at a time. Mind you, cancer is not some resultant creation of man. Cancer has always been here.

Marijuana, which originated in Central Asia but has since grown worldwide, can be used to reduce or prevent side-effects from chemo and cancer such as nausea and loss of appetite.

It relieves pain and improves sleep. The same could be said for alcohol. Except that cannabis won’t destroy your liver, among other things.

We want to believe!

It has become clear, however, that the majority of those that tout the ‘healing properties” of marijuana or that it “cures” anything, are lost in a sea of wishful thinking and confirmation bias.

I would like to challenge these few to let go of that bias and stick with what they know to be fact. The facts about medical marijuana are numerous and solid.

Passing on false and/or unverified data simply because it might sound good does not really help any cause. On the contrary, it conflates it. Marijuana is wonderfully useful for so many things. It’s less harmful than alcohol and even nicotine. It treats physical ailments and many have experienced great success with its psychotropic properties. Are these not enough for us that we need to accept just any old claim sans biased investigation?

Have some backbone

I’ve always thought that cannabis made me more creative and quick of thought and imagination.

People should simply have integrity and not be intellectually idle when it comes to a cause as meaningful as the end of marijuana prohibition. It does not require much to have integrity. Information is so readily available today that ignorance is almost unforgivable.