Andy Dalton is one of those players who is interested in giving back to the community, and he has offered the city of Cincinnati many different things that make life better. He sent 50 families to the famous Kings Island Amusement Park, and there are many people who are taking notice of the fact that Andy is giving back even though he has been placed on a contract that could see him leaving town at any time. His heart for giving is massive, and this gift to the people of the city is a beautiful thing.

The park was fun for all

Andy wanted to ensure that all the people who came to the park were happy with the experience, and they felt so much more comfortable being around Andy.

There are a number of people who were there to be with Andy, and there were many others who did not know who he was. It was interesting for him to see them have a good time, and he did not believe that the people there needed to know who he was.

Giving back takes many forms

Many players in the NFL give back to their communities, and Andy Dalton offers many opportunities for the people of Cincinnati to benefit from his generosity. Someone who wants to know the true joy of giving can watch Andy do things such as send people to Kings Island, and he had fun with them at the same time. He is truly giving in the spirit of good faith, and he wants these people to know that he loves giving to them.

Other players do the same

Players across the NFL have taken a stand to offer better services to their communities, and they often start their foundations when they come to the NFL. They meet the needs of people who are most disadvantaged, and they often do so because they came from disadvantaged backgrounds. Andy had a good upbringing, and he simply wants to bring some of that joy to the people who came to see him at Kings Island.

He knows that these people will remember these things for many years to come, and he wants to do as much as he can to help them. It is this desire to help that makes him a consistent candidate for NFL Man of the Year.

Andy Dalton has proven that the giving he does makes a difference in people's lives. The event that he recently had at Kings Island was something that made him feel good, and he wants to continue giving based purely on the way he talks about it.

His quotes about helping people have a nice day are something that we should all aspire to, and we must ensure that we take the time to find someone in need, help them, and try to put a smile on their face -- even for just a little while.