It would be suicidal for Australia to join in on the joint military exercises scheduled to start today, according to Pyongyang. This strong message was issued in response to Australia's Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull's commitment of two dozen members of the Australian Defence Force participating in the planned USA and South Korean war exercises.

Australia should focus on peace rather than US nuclear war mongering

This is the gist of the statement issued from North Korea according to Australia's ABC news. Mr Turnbull cited North Korea's dismal human rights record and disregard for International Law as reasons for participation.

USA can rely on Australia in the event that missiles are launched by North Korea

Last week ABC news reported that PM Turnbull assured the USA of their support in the event that Pyongyang launched a missile.

Two dozen members of the armed force are officially committed to the Military Exercises with South Korea. As recently as June 2017 the Australian Defence forces carried out their own military war games involving 30,000 troops. At the time there were concerns that such a large exercise may disturb China, now, it seems that Kim Jong-un is the one feeling disturbed.

Today's news roundup in Australia places Australians firmly in the sights of North Korean missiles.

Prime Minister Turnbull is citing a long-standing treaty with the USA as obligating Australia to be on standby in the event Pyongyang makes good on its recent threats but according to the Australian Foreign Minister, there is no obligation other than a consultative process.

Other politicians claim PM Turnbull has turned Australia into a target for Pyongyang. Julie Bishop, the Foreign Minister is appealing to China once again to apply more pressure on North Korea to defuse the rapidly mounting tensions in the region.

China has an agenda of its own to meet and is treading a fine line currently between aggravating the USA and not being hard enough on North Korea to encourage dialogue.

According to Australian New Daily reports, China is still supplying North Korea with all her oil. China is as uneasy about having the Americans on her doorstep as she is at having to walk the tightrope as chief negotiator around dialogue. Whatever the outcome, China needs to ensure its own interests and a nuclear war with one of its closest neighbors along a border over 1400kms long is a very uncomfortable place to be.