We live in an age of rampant anonymity. You do not know if the man in the nice suit over there is a maniac or a gentle soul. You do not know if kids in Pennsylvania have the capacity to commit the most banal and brutal of murders. If this has always been so, pardon me,

I can watch a thousand pass where I am sitting and have no idea from their dress or appearance what they think, who they vote for or even what country they are from.

Identity warp

To me, this means that the GOP partisan who is now influenced by Lou Dobbs and FOX and Breitbart is indistinguishable from a Bernie voter.

One doesn't believe Russia matters and the other is wondering if her hero will be up for a presidential race when he will soon be 80. The situation is most problematic.

Reality moves on

I believe reality moves forward inexorably. "Time marches on", as was often said when that documentary format was in vogue. I believe too that we are responsible agents. We do not have all that much freedom, but we have a precious core that gives us the power to say yes and no to things. We can make choices based on feelings, thoughts, and beliefs.

False news

This is germane when we consider today's news. Tne news of now. The news of this moment. When something like the following appears, it is not merely an opinion.

Because it is a featured column in the New York Times it is news. It will be repeated all over. It will be discussed and debated. It says that in the world I have been describing, GOP sorts are essentially the captives of lies.

'I never had anything to do with Russia'

The keyword in the tweet above is "world".

The key to becoming free and universal is to understand that you no not live in a particular world. Once you are out of that world, for whatever reason. you are cast adrift until you see that the entire world, indeed the universe, cosmos, reality is is where we all live. The world you thought was yours is a construct that may have meant something.

But no longer.

One world for another

I think the folk in the GOP long ago left the world of one false reality for the still more false world of Lou Dobbs, Breitbart and FOX. Reality is understanding that we are in fact one and that we are choosing, ethical beings. We can look at what Dobbs and Breitbart says and what the New York Times says and make up our minds. We are free of labels.

Seduced by falsehood

The GOP moved from one world to another without breaking step. It is a world that denies climate change, hates Obama and Hillary Clinton and doesn't care about Russia. It is not the first time in the world when people have been seduced by lies.