Relationships these days are often superficial and can't even last half a year. You might be wondering at how couples who last for years manage to stay together through everything. Some people think it must be magic that kept the love alive. But, most of the time, it isn't just love that makes a Relationship last.

What are the secret ingredients for a relationship to last?

Often, it is a choice between both parties. You don't just enter a relationship while thinking that it's just temporary or it'll just end. You should enter a relationship with a mindset that this will be the relationship that you'll keep for the rest of your life.

With that, you are bound to make decisions that lead to lasting relationships because you have set your mind to it. Another secret that you probably already heard of is communication. Often, relationships end because of miscommunication. Why? Because of several factors.

Sometimes pride, anger, or hurt can get in the way of couples expressing what they really feel. This cycle can lead to resentment. It can build up and explode once a catalyst is triggered. Sure, not everyone is gifted with good communication skills, but you can always try and improve by making clear, concise, and neutral statements about how you feel if ever you are in an argument or if you don't say I love you often enough. Take small steps and if you feel shy about saying I love you to your partner, you can always show it in a different way.

Remember, relationships should be healthy and happy. Be sure to do your share to make your partner happy.

Are all long term relationships ideal?

No. Some Long Term relationships are toxic and often, people can't let go. For example, if you are in a 10-year relationship, the most probable scenario is that your friends and families have been acquainted or are now close to each other.

You have numerous mutual friends and if ever you break up, things can get awkward. So some people just drag it on until the relationship blows. However, there are also those relationships that are so harmonious you would think they had a four-leaf clover when they met each other. However, no matter how perfect a relationship may seem, you never know the amount of work, compromise, tears, and discussions that happened between them in private.

Yes. It is true that no relationship is perfect but it is in accepting these imperfections and working through it that you both grow as individuals and as a couple. So face each challenge hand in hand and always keep an open mind.