While campaigning, Donald Trump promised to make America Great Again. Among the policies that he convinced his voters with, as witnessed in his rallies, is that which was aimed at restricting illegal immigration into the world's biggest economy. True to his promise, there is panic among the irregular migrants in the country-including those who have lived in the country for decades. Those exempted are the dreamers.

Diverse sentiments of the immigration policy

With the world watching as this unfolds, a diversity of sentiments are aired regarding the ethics of the actions.

Some individuals believe that the policy is unfair to those who have stayed in the country for more than 10 years without any bad criminal record. In such cases, hard working parents have been separated from their children. The children's rights are not considered while undertaking the policy aimed at making the country great again. The culprits who have criminal records are not given much focus.

For those who are in support of the policy, drug trafficking and other mischief have greatly been reduced. Drug trafficking activities have mainly been reduced. This is especially true at the coast bordering the country with Mexico. A huge wall has since been built to limit illegal immigration activities.

The wall is considered a sign of hatred and division by many who do not support the policy. Others even consider that the rightful citizens of the country will get an opportunity to work for their country since the illegal immigrants have in the previous years denied them such an opportunity

Impact of the policy

The policy, which is currently in the implementation process, has both positive and negative sides.

The country's safety and social well-being have to a great extent suffered as a result of the less strict immigration policies. The action will most likely reduce the activities of the individuals who are less concerned with the well-being of America. To make the process ethical, the individuals who have stayed for a considerably long time in the country without being documented should be considered - as long as they have clean records.

The policy will also reduce the violation of human rights of the perpetrators of the illegal immigration. Individuals are succumbed to inhuman conditions while being sneaked into the country. A few adjustments would do for the policy to become more ethical.