It almost seems planned, the flood of events and their character. The underlying theme is a disaster in the 13th End Game article about the ever-more possible fall of Donald Trump.

Trump foreshadows doom with a plaintive tweet about being deserted by the GOP. But this is what he is doing intentionally. It is either a colossal error or spot-on, according to plan.

The Trump-Bannon scenario

Bannon is the bad kid who whispers in Trump's ear whenever things get really hairy. Bannon says, "We are doing OK generally but we have been coddling the weasels in the GOP.

It's time to get them. Watch the Sessions reactions. It's time to rev up the pressure. Let's find a gender card we can play!"

And there, with Russia simmering and North Korea watching in amazement, you have at least a possible sense of what is happening. Trump seems either to be courting fate by alienating Limbaugh and Carlson with his clearly-calculated attacks on Sessions and we know that his equally repellant assault on trans-genders in the military was a Bannon production.

But why?

There are two answers. Trump is either making a desperate appeal to his base as he sees his agenda being trashed or Russia is closing in with certain doom in the wings and Trump is playing the self-Destruction card.

This is the Atlantic City card when father Fred buys in at Don's casino in a desperate effort to save the day. Finally, the banks eat up the huge Donald debt and he finds redemption as the actor he is - "The Apprentice".

If the base crumbles?

The Sessions ploy has always been about Russia. It is an enraged and cruel war to get Sessions out and install someone new and not recused so Trump can find a way to fire Mueller without getting fired himself.

The base problem - defections because of they like Sessions - emerged. The gender card was immediately and suddenly played.

Now we wait

If Trump and Bannon manage to preempt the conversation and the base is wooed and won by the politically potent chance to savage trans-gender folk, it will show that the Trump-Bannon core strategy has legs.

But if the gender matter and the Sessions matter create a worse situation with Congress and we add to this abject failure on the health care front, then the end game just took a large step toward the departure of Donald Trump.

Who suffers most?

This drama is coming to an end. There are too many balls in the air for even an experienced juggler like Trump. There will be damage. The only question is who will suffer the most.