North Korea's missile test is not new news. The country has successfully tested new long range missiles that have a capable radius of possibly reaching the United States. This successful military venture has created tension among the government of the United States. Despite the immense displeasure of the public, the response of the U.S. government has been very docile compared to North Korea's Show Of Force, until now.

The statement of Kim Jong Un

The successful testing of the new long range missiles of North Korea has shocked world leaders. This seemingly poor economic country flexed its military might for the world to bear witness.

It unveiled its military capacity by testing long range missiles that are reportedly capable of reaching the U.S. soil. This blatant action has earned the ire of the United States, from both the public and the U.S. government.

Some in the world considered this missile test as a disguised threat against the United States and its leader Kim Jong Un undisguised his intentions. He released a statement on KCNA news agency that this test is a 'stern warning' to the United States. He also implied that the United States will not be unscathed if it tries to attack North Korea.

The might of a Superpower

The blatant missile tests and the haughty statements of North Korea have questioned the safety and the dignity of the United States.

As one of the world leaders of economic and military might, it has been years since the United States received such a dastardly threat to the national security. A decade of peace has made the military deeds of the United States less conspicuous. However, one must not forget that it is the earth shattering might of the United States that helped to end the second World War.

As a reminder to the world and as a response to the North Korea, the United States gave a reply befitting its dignity as a Superpower. The United States dispatched two of its supersonic bombers known as the B-1B. The bombers are a testament to the United States's technologically advanced military capacity. The supersonic bombers B-1B flew over the Korean peninsula of North Korea.

This military move is a reminder to the world that the United States is well deserving of its title as a Superpower.

This flight of the United States supersonic bombers was accompanied by South Korean jet fighters during the exercise. However, this show of force is no long-term remedy and tension keeps escalating between the two nations.