As noted in Hot Air, the Nevada Parole Board has voted to free convicted Armed Robber O.J. Simpson on parole. While the former football great was a “model prisoner” and followed the rules during his almost nine years in prison, the fact that he is going to be free rubs a lot of people the wrong way. The reason that the thought of Simpson as a free man is causing heartburn is that he almost certainly slaughtered two human beings over 20 years ago, including his former wife. He was acquitted in a circus trial because of a combination of prosecutorial incompetence and a clever playing of the race card on the –part of his dream team of defense attorneys.

The argument for freeing O.J.

The argument for letting Simpson at liberty stems from a strict reading of the law. The 33-year sentence for armed robbery and kidnapping is considered, in the opinion of some, to be excessive. The judge may have thought that he was inflicting karma on a man who carved up two human beings like a pair of Thanksgiving turkeys.

In the meantime, Simpson has managed to behave himself while behind bars. He has not back talked the guards or tried to shank someone in the prison yard. The Nevada Parole Board has to take this fact into account when judging whether Simpson is safe to put at liberty. The conditions of his parole are stringent. If he messes up again, no matter in how minor a way, he will be sent back to prison.

But Simpson has anger management issues

Besides the two murders that O.J. committed in Los Angeles and was acquitted for, Simpson has a well-known anger management problem. Even before he killed his wife, he committed numerous acts of spousal abuse against her for which he was arrested and to he pleaded no contest. In 2001, Simpson was arrested in connection with a road rage incident but was later acquitted.

Christine Prody, Simpson’s girlfriend post murder trial, claims that O.J. subjected her to constant physical and psychological abuse over their 13-year relationship.

Then there was Simpson’s claim during the parole hearing in which he said that he lived a “conflict free life.” One could be forgiven for wondering why the board ignored what has to be a blatant lie.

O.J. Simpson is almost certainly going to mess up again and will find himself back in prison. He cannot help himself. The question that arises is will someone be hurt or even killed as a result of the forbearance of the Nevada Parole Board in letting Simpson go free.