Make no mistake, the people spoke when it came to the elections. Most of the people within our borders didn’t want Donald Trump as president and that is an undisputable fact but the Democratic Party failed us. It has grown weak and complacent; over confident, lazy and clumsy. I can only begin to shine the light on all I see is wrong as I’m not an expert, but I love my country and my freedom enough to learn.

Inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or ideas

I know there were Democrats who didn’t vote as I knew a few and they annoyed me greatly. In the wake of the Donald Trump insanity, I tried desperately to get them to understand how greatly they needed to vote blue; that if they didn’t vote blue then they were giving their vote to Trump!

There are Democrats who believe that those who didn’t vote are the ones that cost us the election. I don’t give them that much credit because after all, the people did speak. I’m not an expert in politics and I only recently became politically active when Donald Trump came into the picture. I assure you, I have learned a lot since then.

There is cognitive dissonance on both the liberal and conservative sides of the line. The dilemma? Politicians are severely flawed, corrupt, and/or arrogant, yet we need them to fix what they have broken.

The weight

In the electoral college, smaller states carry more ‘weight’ than larger more populated states. The difference is so vast that the election can easily be won while losing the popular vote.

This means that our government is not acting ‘for the people and by the people’. I am pretty sure that it is no longer a democratic nation once elections stop being decided by popular vote.


Hillary Clinton was so confident that her intelligence and savoir faire were superior to Donald Trump’s, simple, shallow, unscrupulous, ‘greatest salesman in the world’ manner.

Hillary was wrong and while she did win the popular vote, by more than three million voters, the battle was lost because of the electoral college. The electoral college is so important as the red states are by and large populated with scared, often poor white country people. Often these people are educated by schools that teach absurdities like creationism.

These red states account for more than 50 percent of total electoral college votes so to win the electoral college, you must reach them.

By winning the popular vote Clinton would have won the election in any other democratic nation in the world, end of story. But the electoral college is unequally distributed so she lost, not because she didn't have enough votes. She lost because she miscalculated her strengths and his weaknesses.


Hillary just assumed that she had it in the bag as we all did but she was wrong. She was over-confident and she didn't bother ever trying to bridge a bipartisan gap between red and blue states. Obama did and so did Bill but she was over confident.

Like an over-confident boxer neglects training and becomes weak and sluggish, she was ever so slightly negligent.

She lacked humility which was stupid and Hillary should have known better. She was a politician for so many years and had the boxer been humbler they might have won the fight.

I voted for Hillary because of the imminent threat I saw in Donald John Trump. I resent her for throwing my vote down the toilet, because of her swaggering over-confidence. She may have been the best and only choice to beat Citizen Trump but wasn’t enough to take the electoral college. I think I’ve established, at least in part, that the next democratic candidate had better be sure that they are trying to connect to everyone.


Democratic officials have become weak and complacent. Russia is damaging cohesion of the party in such a way that probably would have never happened when Kennedy was president.

His party seemed a much stronger one than what we have today. The DNC wasted too much time bickering amongst themselves, being led by their invisible Russian handlers. To pull up from this devastating nose dive, we’re going to need some more intelligent folks in the party. They need to be willing to take off the gloves and fight dirty. Obviously, we’ve played nice for far too long.