Most people who have been paying attention know the conspiracy theory being spread by Democrats that President Donald trump is Vladimir Putin’s Manchurian Candidate. In the remake of the movie, Trump, having taken the oath of office and made the speech and then gotten into the limo for the parade. Then his control – in my imagining it’s Ivanka – says, sweetly, “Daddy, why don’t you pass the time by playing a little solitaire?” Then the new POTUS would get his instructions from the Kremlin. However, as Pajamas Media suggests, something seems to have gone wrong.

Trump is not working in the best interests of Russia.

The fracking boom continues to proceed apace

The first thing Putin would do once he had Trump in his power would be to have him crack down on fracking. The process of extracting Oil And Gas from shale formations has flooded the world markets with fossil fuels, thus depressing their price. Cheap oil and gas is of great inconvenience to Russia, which depends on the product as an export commodity. Almost as important, American liquefied natural gas is getting into the European market, breaking Russia’s monopoly. Yet, Trump seems to be encouraging rather than discouraging fracking.

Trump is hurting Russia’s allies in the Middle East

Putin, as a matter of course, would order Trump to align American foreign policy to Russia.

He would have America support the Assad regime in Syria and continue Barack Obama’s rapprochement with Iran. Instead, Trump has launched a missile attack on a Syrian air base, has bombed Syrian allies, and has established what is in effect an Arab NATO opposed to Iran, while lavishing hundreds of billions of dollars in arms to Sunni Muslim states.

Moreover, he had reestablished friendly relations with Israel. Trump is working to thwart Putin’s hegemony in the Middle East.

Breaking the monopoly Russia enjoys for space travel

The Russian president would arrange for Trump to start cutting funding for NASA’s commercial crew program, which is envisioned to create privately operated spacecraft.

This program constitutes a direct threat to Russian dominance in human spacecraft. When anyone wants to send astronauts to the International Space Station, they have to pay Russia handsomely for rides on the Soyuz. The SpaceX Dragon and the Boeing Starliner will undercut the Russians, breaking their monopoly. Even more ominous, Trump appears bent on extending the same approach for a return to the moon, securing its vast resources for American and allied companies.

What happened?

Something seems to have gone wrong in the real life version of the Manchurian Candidate. Trump is not behaving as one might expect. One of two answers suggests themselves. The first is that the conspiracy never existed and it’s a silly idea to start with. The other is that Ivanka has gone rogue and wants to punish the Russians for what they did to her dad. One can only guess which one the Democrats will use.