Lisa Rinna has been on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” for a couple of years and one can imagine she’s ready to return for the new season. She has no problem speaking out whenever she find something mean or rude to say. Rinna has revealed that she surprised at the amount of stuff that she can say in a single season.

Just last year, Rinna accused Kim Richards of being close to death and she told new housewife, Eden Sassoon, all about it. But when Lisa was confronted with what she had said, she denied it. Rinna claimed that she couldn't remember what she had said, and she was shocked that people would make such accusations about her.

However, when Lisa Rinna is confronted with what she said, she often disregards it, even though her comments can be very hurtful.

Her outspoken personality has people adoring her

On Twitter, one person actually called Lisa a role model. This person revealed that she found Lisa to be a role model, because she could keep it classy without talking down to people and without being a troublemaker behind the scenes. Many would probably argue the opposite is true.

Lisa thanked the follower for the comment, but many would probably argue that this isn't so.

Just last season on “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills,” she accused new housewife Dorit Kemsley and her husband PK of doing drugs at a dinner party. There had been no evidence of this happening throughout the season and Rinna’s comment seemed to come completely out of nowhere. She felt that it was totally justified to say this and she caused some trouble with her co-stars, who could not support her accusations.

She may be on the reality show as long as Bravo wants her

Lisa Rinna has hinted that she's ready to return to “The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” on a full-time basis for this upcoming season. While some people would prefer to not see her return because of the drama that she brings, it sounds like Rinna is more than ready to join the show again.

As it turns out, she doesn't really seem to mind that people are talking about her behind her back and reminding her that she seems to have a memory problem when it comes to the drama. Fans are reminding her that she can't just keep saying things without really having the proof, such as Kim Richards being close to death.

What do you think about people calling Lisa Rinna a role model? Do you think it's admirable that she speaks out rather than staying silent when she feels like something is wrong?