Trumpcare was a disaster when it started. And it has steadily become worse as the GOP has feverishly tried to salvage it. There is a simple reason why the bill continues to get more disastrous with every rewriting. Each time it reappears is a chance to say it remains fundamentally as bad as it was when first proposed.

The specifics

The bill has consistently advocated the destruction of Medicaid. This comes in the form of shrinking its growth and reducing the number of the insured by over 20 million. The bill still amounts to a huge gift to the already bloated one percent.

Money saved by savaging Obamacare will go to these wealthiest as yet another tax break.

Worst of all, no version of the bill has reversed its cruelty to the sickest. Those with pre-existing conditions can expect to pay through the roof or be left without care.

If this seems unreal?

The only way this bill can go is to a resounding defeat. Hopefully, enough GOP Senators will see the light to make a vote impossible. Mitch McConnell is as bipartisan as a cornered adder. He is poison to democracy if you understand democracy to mean that you negotiate.

The law of the land is Obamacare which was proposed first by the conservative Heritage Society. But the GOP has been openly anti-democracy since Barack Obama was inaugurated.

Savaging Obama

On the night of his inauguration, anti-Obama GOP members -- leaders whose names we know -- had a nice supper and agreed that not a single Obama effort would stand a chance. This was jaw-droppingly unpatriotic. Obama was not tough like LBJ. He did not sit in on the floor Congress like John Lewis did. The GOP savaged him from then until now.

The denouement

The upshot of the GOP betrayal of democracy is this sorry piece of legislation. Here is what the New York Times says in a just-published editorial.

The Times concludes its skewering of the current atrocity with the sentiment I have quoted in the headline.

Americans who get sick and have to rely on Trumpocare will be on their own. It is disgusting to think that every time someone who is protected by insurance goes to a hospital someone who is not will die of the same ailment. But that is the inference we can draw from the current bill.

What to do

Tell your GOP Senator no to Trumpcare. Tell your newspaper no to Trumpcare. Explain that the entire medical profession has already said no to Trumpcare. Explain that the president has not even read the bill he is touting. Give part of the day to expressing your faith in an America that does not rob health care to further enrich those who are already the richest.