A veritable avalanche means that End Game 9 will be just an installment. This is because there are wheels within wheels. We might think Russia is receding but there are some things we did not know. For example, whether Kushner actually did tell the truth. Or what Manafort might know that could seal Trump's fate.

The Sessions matter

There is also a good deal of untold reporting that at this point merely suggests that the Sessions firing drama cooked up by President Trump is part of a larger effort to pave the way for getting rid of Robert Mueller.

Again, this cannot be ruled in or out so you will merely be offered the same information that I have gathered from the identified sources.

Trumpcare nightmare

The general ruling assumption has been that Trumpcare would fail. While I still believe that, there are a few signs that Trump could succeed in accomplishing exactly the worst result possible. Without a plan any Republican would pass, the GOP could still repeal Obamacare. I would not even speculate on how that would play out. Merely to believe McConnell and Trump would do that deed is tantamount to entering the world in which evil is at the helm.

Because the flood is real, I will post items with a minimum of further comment and you the reader can follow whatever you find of interest.

The nightmare story

Don't forget that John McCain may also fly in from Arizona. Whether to confirm the nightmare or surprise everyone, I do not know.

The Sessions progression surmised

This is a condensed version of a three stage prediction attributed to Donald Trump. Sessions has been remarkable for not withering under the Trump attack.

Note the following.

The Trump MO returns with vengeance

It would be hard to choose between Trump and Sessions. But the current dramatics merely add to the flood of events that would have never happened had -- had what? You offer your own explanation of how Trump became president. That is what this whole drama is about. We are still searching for a story we can live with.

Finally the porn part

Donald Trump retweets Sean Hannity to lob a completely outlandish missile at Hillary Clinton. The motive is to get rid of kindred spirit Jeff Sessions. These are all people who do not represent or speak for the bulk of the American people, but they are the news of the day. I am reminded of Bob Dylan's song "Idiot Wind." It was written to describe a painful divorce. Somehow it seems appropriate to a surreal event that is front and center in a surreal time.