End Game is a series of dispatches on what might be called Trump end times. I have felt that the series will terminate when Trump is gone and my intuition is this event will either take place or not at around 211 of these articles.

October certainty?

We are talking about three months. If Trump survives we may have become much less free than we are now. If he is gone we will be left with the horrendous GOP but without the daily dramatics that threatens us with either terminal boredom or rising anxiety. Look to October.

Trump says a reliable statistic if fake news

The president can lie to Boy Scouts. We will sit back and nod. This is not right. Neither the lying nor the nodding. We should not be lulled into acquiescence.

Trump has allowed Real News such as the horrible killings in Texas to go by the boards as he adds to confusion and prevarication with his claim that a story, featured in my earlier End Game dispatch, is fake. It is not and to lie to the Scouts qualifies in my mind as something close to mental rape. It is an assault on the remnants of innocence.

The fact remains that Trump is a minority president seeking to make up in noise and lies what he no longer can claim as actual support.

There is worse, much worse, to come.

A seismic shift to the right

It is my task to discern signs and issue warnings. I have known for some time that the NY Times is facing real trouble. I knew that the Times was ridding itself of copy editors. Now that locally happening story is shaping up to be a major warning. The Times days may not be ending.

Its presence online represents a clear and probably accurate business decision. Paper is going away.

But who can fathom the inner numbers that necessitated the bloodbath that has actually been in progress for more than a decade? Read the following and you will see the problem.that is now surfacing.

The right wing on the march

The way Trump can reverse his 90 points electoral total is to essentially take over the media he skewers and as the NYT struggles the right wing aided by a friendly government marches on.

If you thought FOX News was bad wait until Trump surrogates are fed to you at all hours with the same Orwellian garbage. There are simple facts. Today the Senate is seeking to foist a disgusting health plan on Americans. Every reputable health agency says Trumpcare is atrocious. Most Americans agree. It makes no difference. The Trump effort will persist whether it wins or loses. It stops when we decide to end the game.