Welcome to the second Endgame dispatch. An ongoing sharing of significant developments in both country and the White House.

If Trump pardons

The queue of items for these is presently substantial. But many of them touch on the legal battle that is now engaging virtually all of the forces ranged around Donald Trump. Obstruction Of Justice has always been central in discussions of what could unseat Trump. Here is a salient input into that discussion.

This article suggests that Trump would create problems by pardoning family members but it does not wrestle with what seems the most important phrasing in the Constitution which specifies that the president's Pardon Power ends when the matter is impeachment.

If for example, Trump were to use pardon power and it seemed like a clear obstruction of justice it would become an impeachable offense. I have always felt that the reason we are locked in an almost WW1 war of attrition is that Trump holds Congress and the Senate in his hands. When the die is cast it will be these already compromised representatives who will have to change to make things move to achieve removal of Donald Trump.

The USS Fitzgerald matter

This early verdict does not add to sanguinity about the safety of our own military personnel.

But Trump's mind is most probably miles removed from these concerns His partisans feel he is innocent of any wrongdoing whatsoever. But it is important to understand that the Trump end game war is not just about the charges that may emerge from the Russia matter, but the entire Trump world as well. That world is the real protagonist in the drama that is playing out.

Stressing out our soldiers

Gavin Newsom can be depended on to underline egregious side effects. Here's one such side-effect.

Trump s not in the habit of listening unless someone is praising him.

So someone noting that the kids of immigrants are impacted by his unconstitutional deportation efforts would probably not be heard. Nor would a fawning adviser mention it. But it is real. Read the article.

A Shakespearian envoi

The tweet below suggests that folk with a knowledge of Shakespeare are making their Trump analogies. Some of us remember McBird as a similar dig at LBJ. The other night I was reading some Shakespeare criticism by Harold Goddard and his description of Richard III seemed to summarize some of the less noble characteristics of our president. Which will explain my comment.

Which refers to:

Maybe politics was always entertainment.